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As a homeowner, registering on CoHostMarket provides a centralized platform for you to find and connect with a wide range of service providers catering to various aspects of managing your vacation property.

Here are some compelling reasons to sign up on our marketplace:

Comprehensive Service Provider Network: CoHostMarket allows you to access a diverse network of service providers across 190 countries, offering local management, property management, co-hosting, and house cleaning services tailored to your unique requirements.

Customized Solutions for Different Homeowner Types: Our platform caters to both experienced owners who manage short-term rentals or property management companies, as well as those who are just getting started in the short-term rental market. This versatility means you can find the right provider with the appropriate experience and expertise for your specific needs.

Holiday or Temporary Support: Managing a short-term rental property can be time-consuming, especially during peak holiday seasons. CoHostMarket enables you to find service providers who can offer part-time or hourly support, ensuring your property continues to run smoothly even when you need a break.

Streamlined Interview and Hiring Process: CoHostMarket simplifies the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring the perfect service provider for your needs. Our platform allows you to search, connect, and communicate with potential candidates, all in one place, saving you time and effort.

Opportunities for New and Less Experienced Providers: Homeowners who are new to the short-term rental market may be more open to hiring less experienced providers, creating opportunities for emerging professionals to gain valuable experience and build their reputation in the industry.

Enhanced Trust and Security: CoHostMarket focuses on creating a secure and professional environment, fostering trust between homeowners and service providers. This emphasis on reliability ensures a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Cost-Effective Solutions: By connecting homeowners with a variety of service providers, CoHostMarket enables you to find the right professional within your budget. This flexibility allows you to allocate resources effectively and maximize the profitability of your vacation property.

By registering on CoHostMarket, you gain access to an extensive and diverse network of service providers, tailored solutions for different homeowner types, and a streamlined process for finding, interviewing, and hiring the right professional.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your vacation property management experience and sign up on CoHostMarket today.

At Hostpro Market, we prioritize maintaining a secure and productive marketplace for all our service providers and clients. In line with this, we have established regulations to govern user conduct on our platform. This article outlines the potential reasons for account suspension and explains the two categories of suspension that exist on Hostpro Market.


Why might an account be suspended on Hostpro Market?

An account might be suspended on Hostpro Market for various reasons, including but not limited to, violations of our community standards or terms of service. The objective is to foster a safe and positive environment for all our users.


What are the types of account suspensions on Hostpro Market?

Temporary Restriction

Under this category, the account undergoes a review period during which:

  • The account is temporarily restricted.
  • Users can log in to their accounts, withdraw funds, and complete existing projects.
  • Users cannot send or receive new orders or messages.
  • Service listings will be hidden from the marketplace, prohibiting new orders.
  • The review period can exceed 90 days, at the end of which the account might either be restored or permanently suspended.
  • Customer support will not have the capacity to influence or update on the review's timeframe.


What might lead to receiving a warning or account suspension on Hostpro Market?

Accounts may receive warnings or face suspension due to a range of violations including, but not limited to:


Incomplete Profile or Missing Mandatory Information: All profiles should be filled out with accurate information. Failing to provide mandatory details can lead to warnings or account suspension.


Sharing Contact Details: Sharing contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or any other direct communication links openly on your profile or in chats is prohibited to maintain the security and privacy of our users.


Attempting to Transact Off the Platform: Engaging in transactions outside the Hostpro Market platform is a serious violation as it undermines the integrity of our marketplace and can lead to account suspension.

Non-Responsive Behavior: Not responding to buyer requests promptly, or at all, reflects poorly on service providers. Consistent non-responsiveness can attract warnings and possibly lead to account restriction.


Excessive Order Cancellations: Canceling orders too frequently can lead to warnings, disrupting the smooth operation of services on the platform and hindering the trust-building process between service providers and clients.


Receiving Numerous Low Ratings or Complaints: Accumulating a high number of low ratings or receiving numerous complaints from buyers may signal unsatisfactory service delivery. This can lead to warnings, with the potential for account suspension if the issue persists.

We urge all users to adhere strictly to the Hostpro Market terms of service and community guidelines to maintain a healthy, trustworthy, and professional working environment. Service providers can build a prosperous and long-lasting relationship with their clients on Hostpro Market by working responsibly and respecting the platform's rules.


Permanent Suspension

  • This involves:
  • A permanent ban where users can't log back into their accounts.
  • This occurs after serious violations of Hostpro Market's terms of service.
  • Service providers with pending withdrawals must wait for 90 days to access their funds. An automated email will be sent allowing a 7-day window for fund withdrawal.
  • Clients with funds in their Hostpro Market balance will be refunded immediately.


How does the warning system work at Hostpro Market?

The warning system operates as follows:

  • First warning: A reminder of Hostpro Market's terms of service with an advisory on adhering to the platform’s rules to avoid restrictions.
  • Second warning (same violation): The account faces temporary restriction.
  • Second warning (different violation): The account is subject to restriction.
  • Three warnings (varied violations): The account is temporarily restricted, initiating the review period.


What happens during the temporary restriction review period?

During the review:

  • Users retain access to active orders and communication channels.
  • Funds that have cleared or are due to be cleared remain accessible for withdrawal.
  • This period is a grace window to demonstrate adherence to Hostpro Market’s policies.


Why does Hostpro Market employ a warning system?

Hostpro Market is committed to educating its users on the platform’s rules and fostering a community where all service providers and clients can thrive. The warning system is a tool to inform and guide users on maintaining standard practices and avoiding repeated offenses, which might lead to removing their account from the marketplace.

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