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Can I change my first and last name on my HostPro Market account

Changing Name Before Service Approval Initially, when you set up your HostPro Market account or before your first service is approved/published, you have the flexibility to update your first and last name. This allows for corrections or changes before you establish your presence on the platform. To update your name, navigate to the 'Personal Information' section in your profile settings. Here, you can edit your first and last name as needed. Post First Service Approval: After your first service or consultation is published on HostPro Market, your account name becomes locked to maintain consistency and security. This policy is in place to prevent issues related to service accountability and chargebacks.If you need to change your name after this point (e.g., due to legal name change or other significant reasons), it will require a special request. You’ll need to contact HostPro Market support directly for assistance. Our support team will guide you through the process and inform you of any necessary documentation or verification needed to implement the name change. Note: It's important to use your real name as it enhances trust and authenticity on the platform. Inconsistent or false information can lead to complications with service listings and transactions. For any questions or assistance with updating your name, please reach out to HostPro Market support. We're here to ensure your profile accurately represents you while maintaining the integrity and security of our platform.

What are the guidelines for choosing a profile image on HostPro Market

When selecting and uploading your profile image for HostPro Market, it's important to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your profile represents you professionally and authentically: Professional Headshot: Opt for a professional, clear headshot that shows your face. This helps clients to recognize and connect with you as an individual. High-Quality Image: Ensure the image is high-resolution, well-lit, and free from distractions. A good quality image reflects your professionalism. Personal Representation: Your profile image should be a photograph of yourself, not a company logo, as it's essential to establish a personal connection with potential clients. Logos can impersonalize your profile and are not permitted. Uploading the Image: To upload, go to the 'Personal Information' section in your profile settings, click on the profile image area, select your desired photo, and save the changes. Consistency with Branding: While personal representation is key, ensure your image aligns with your professional brand or style. It should complement your overall profile presentation. Regular Updates: Keep your profile image updated. An outdated photo can lead to mismatches in client expectations and real-world interactions. By following these guidelines, your profile image will effectively convey your professionalism and personal brand, both of which are crucial for building trust and rapport with potential clients on HostPro Market.

How to Display Your Superhost Badge on Your Profile

There could be several reasons why your Superhost badge is not appearing on your profile. Here are some common issues and how to resolve them: Superhost Status Timing: If your account was not under Superhost status at the time of your profile verification, the badge may not appear. If you have gained Superhost status since then, you can request a profile update to reflect this change. Subscription Level: Only Premium and Pro subscribers can promote their Airbnb Superhost status on their profile. Free users cannot display the Superhost badge. If you have Superhost status on your Airbnb profile, upgrading to at least a Premium or Pro subscription is necessary to showcase this achievement. Requesting a Profile Update: To have your Superhost badge appear, log in to your account dashboard and select the "Request Profile Update" option from the left menu. This action will trigger a manual review of your profile, during which our team will update your Airbnb rating, Superhost status, and any other relevant verifications. Profile Verification: Ensure all your profile details, including your package, location, and verification information, are up to date. This will help in accurately reflecting your Superhost status. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Superhost badge appears on your CoHostMarket profile, enhancing your credibility and attractiveness to potential clients. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact our support team.

What Is A Profile Review Request, And How Often Can I Request One

A Profile Review Request is a feature offered by CoHostMarket that allows members to update their profiles with their latest Airbnb reviews, ratings, or changes in Superhost status. This feature ensures that your profile remains current and accurately reflects your hosting performance, making it easier for potential clients to evaluate your services. Frequency of Profile Review Requests by Membership Tier: Standard Members: Can request a Profile Review every 40 days. Premium Members: Can request a Profile Review every 30 days. Pro Members: Can request a Profile Review every 15 days. Regularly updating your profile with the latest Airbnb reviews or changes in Superhost status is essential for showcasing your achievements and attracting new clients. Paid members who achieve Superhost status will also receive a badge on their CoHostMarket profile, further enhancing their credibility as top-notch service providers on our platform. By utilizing the Profile Review Request feature, you can ensure that your profile remains current and accurately represents your hosting performance, thereby improving your visibility and appeal to potential clients.

Can I Advertise My Company Name On My Profile

CohostMarket is dedicated to providing a professional and reputable online marketplace for all users. We have established specific guidelines to ensure a consistent experience across our platform. Standard and PREMIUM Subscribers: Restrictions: Advertising your company name within your profile, package name, or profile image is not allowed. No Display of Contact Information: Users of all subscription levels (Standard, PREMIUM, or PRO) are prohibited from displaying their website URL, full name, or contact information on their profiles. PRO Users: Permissions: PRO subscribers have the option to promote their company by using their company name as their profile name and displaying their company logo as their profile image. They can also include their company name in package names. Increased Visibility: This feature allows PRO users to showcase their local or online business more effectively. Compliance with Guidelines: Adherence: All users must comply with these guidelines as outlined in our Terms of Service. Consequences: Violations of these guidelines may result in account suspension or other actions deemed necessary by our team. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to maintain a high level of professionalism and trust across our platform.

Advertising Restrictions on Profile Descriptions

At CoHostMarket, we strive to maintain a professional and reputable online marketplace for all users. To ensure a consistent experience across our platform, we have implemented specific guidelines regarding the content allowed in profile descriptions. Regardless of Subscription Level: Users are prohibited from including their website URL, full name, email, or any contact information in their profile descriptions. This applies to all membership tiers, including Standard, Premium, and PRO. PRO Users: PRO users can promote their company by using their company name as their profile name and displaying their company logo as their profile image. However, the restrictions on website URLs and contact information in the description still apply. Violations: Violations of these guidelines, as outlined in our Terms of Service, may result in account suspension or other actions deemed necessary by our team. It is essential to follow these guidelines to maintain a professional environment for all users on our platform. By adhering to these advertising restrictions, we ensure a safe and professional experience for everyone on CoHostMarket.

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