Service Fee

Empowering Entrepreneurs (FOR EMPLOYERS)

Through the Co-Host Market payment gateway system, property owners can pay commission fees to property managers without leaving the platform. Property owners pay a set 3% commission fee to Co-Host Market whenever they send property managers a payment. Calculating all the amounts automatically, Co-Host Market frees up property owners' time so that their investments become more passive than ever.

 - Easy to use

 - Set up invoices on the platform

 - Use the payment method of your choice (PayPal or credit card via Stripe)


Build Your Business Today (FOR PROPERTY MANAGER)

Withdrawing funds from their Co-Host Market accounts at any time, property managers decide which payout method they prefer, paying a 2% commission fee on every withdrawal. 

The key here is freedom. We want property managers to feel like they can operate their business; however, they are comfortable building their business up on their own terms, using Payoneer, PayPal, or bank transfer. Property managers can also alter their preferred payment method at any time, so there is never any commitment.

 - Ultimate flexibility

 - Receive payments into your account

 - Withdraw your funds whenever you want and via the payment method you choose



Tips for Success

- We recommend you to use Co-Host Market's payment system to avoid scams and messy disputes.

- Only payments through Co-Host Market are eligible for arbitration.

- Be aware that property owners must pay the Co-Host Market fee once the property manager approves their job request. Paying this fee, the property owner will gain access to the property manager's contact details.


Changes on Airbnb

Airbnb made a drastic change to their platform not too long ago, removing the functionality that split and directly paid out co-hosts. This has left property managers and co-hosts scrambling to find a way forward, left without a system that meets their needs. Co-Host Market's payment system is the solution to this problem, putting co-hosts, property owners, and managers in charge once again, affording them the choice that they demand when it comes to their respective businesses.


What else can Co-Host Market's payment system do?

- Property managers receive payments directly in their Co-Host Market virtual account upon invoice.

- Co-hosts can either keep their payments in their account or request a withdrawal at any time.

- Transfers are lightning-fast, processing between 24 and 48 hours via PayPal or bank or Payoneer.

- Co-Host Market's payment system is available in multiple countries. View the complete list here.



Why You Can Trust Co-Host Market

Co-Host Market verifies owners before using the payment system and paying commission fees to keep all users on the platform safe and secure. Property managers must also go through a verification process to withdraw their funds, which means everyone can send invoices and book jobs confidently.


Charging a commission fee on every transaction and a $5 service fee to cover the costs of support and development, the property owner covers one time upon hiring a co-host, gaining access to contact details. As a result, we are reinvesting our resources in the long-term viability of Co-Host Market as a platform. We want all our users to rest easy, knowing that we are taking care of them.