CoHostMarket Buyer Fee Structure


Understanding Buyer Fees

Transparent Costs for Every Transaction

Discover the straightforward fee structure for buyers. From booking interviews with local experts to purchasing one-time service packages or accessing online services and consultations, understand the fees involved to ensure a seamless experience on our platform.


Interview Booking 

Connect with Local Experts: Pay a nominal $5 fee to unlock contact details and book interviews with top local service providers, ensuring you find the right match for your property management needs.

One-Time Service Packages 

Seamless One-Time Transactions: A 10% commission fee on each package ensures you benefit from high-quality one-time services, backed by robust platform support and secure transactions.

Online Services and Consultations 

Expand Your Horizons: Access a wide range of online services and expert consultations with a transparent 10% commission fee, connecting you with HostPro Members dedicated to optimizing your short-term rental success.




Navigate Your Path to Success with Tailored Plans for Every Stage

Navigate through the fee structure designed for Service Providers. Whether you're just starting with a Free Membership or maximizing your reach with PRO Membership, understand the costs associated with each tier and choose the plan that aligns with your business goals.

FREE Membership 

Start Your Journey: Engage with the platform at no initial cost. A 20% commission on sales ensures you access essential features and visibility, perfect for newcomers exploring the market.

Premium Membership 

Elevate Your Reach: With a monthly fee of $9.90 and a reduced 15% commission, enjoy enhanced visibility and the privilege to connect directly with property owners, expanding your potential client base.

PRO Membership 

Maximize Your Impact: For $19.90 a month and a minimal 10% commission, take center stage with top-tier visibility, company branding, and the lowest fees, designed for established providers aiming for the top.




Monetize Your Expertise Online and Optimize Earnings with Smart Plans

HostPro Members, get a clear picture of your fee structure. From Basic to Elite Membership, each tier is designed to suit your online service offerings and consultation needs. Understand the commission rates and choose the right membership to amplify your digital presence and profitability.

Basic Membership: 

Foundational Online Presence: A perfect starting point for new digital entrepreneurs, offering a wide audience reach with a 20% commission on online service sales, paving the way for growth and opportunity.

Platinum Membership 

Advanced Online Influence: For an enhanced online presence, benefit from reduced commission fees and the ability to offer comprehensive consultations and digital products, ensuring a broader impact and higher earnings.

Elite Membership 

Supreme Digital Mastery: With the lowest commission rates, this tier is designed for top-performing professionals eager to maximize their earnings and dominate the online services market.