Credit System Guide

Introducing Our New Interview Credit System and Membership Updates

Welcome to an exciting new phase at Cohostmarket!

We're dedicated to maintaining a professional and reputable marketplace, and in line with this commitment, we're rolling out significant updates to enhance how our membership and interview systems operate. With over 7,000 users worldwide, these changes are designed to improve the quality of interactions and services offered through our platform.

What's Changing? Membership Evolution

We've noticed a need for enhanced professionalism within our community. As a result, we are phasing out the Free Membership option. In its place, we're introducing the Standard Membership at an accessible rate of $19/year. This new membership level is tailored to foster commitment and quality among our users.

Introduction of Interview Credits

Interview credits are a new feature aimed at streamlining the connection process between homeowners and service providers. Each interview credit allows a service provider to engage in one approved interview with a potential client. This system ensures that interactions are meaningful and that both parties are invested in the outcome.

Important Update for Our Members

Current Free Members: Starting on June 6, 2024, Free membership renewal will no longer be available. All Free members who recently registered or have already been approved will remain on the Free plan until their next renewal date anniversary. Each Free member will receive 1 interview credit annually. Upon expiration, Free members must upgrade to one of our paid plans: Standard, Premium, or Pro, to continue enjoying our services.

Introducing Standard Membership: Our new Standard Membership, costing less than $1.5 per month, helps you promote your Co-host profile to homeowners worldwide and includes up to 1 interview credit per year. This plan provides better value and more opportunities for our members.

Premium Members: You will receive an upgrade with 5 interview credits annually and 25 monthly connects.

Pro Members: You will get up to 25 interview credits annually and 50 monthly connects.

This transition aims to enhance your experience on CoHostMarket with more features and benefits.


Detailed Explanation of Interview Credits:

At Cohostmarket, we aim to facilitate meaningful and productive interactions between service providers and potential clients. Our interview credit system is designed to ensure that both parties are genuinely interested and engaged in each interaction.

Interview Credits are designed to streamline the connection between homeowners and service providers on Cohostmarket. Each Interview Credit allows service providers to engage in one approved interview with a homeowner, facilitating effective communication and increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.

What are Interview Credits?

Interview Credits are tokens that service providers use to engage in interviews with potential clients. Each credit corresponds to one interview opportunity.

How the System Works

When a homeowner requests an interview, the service provider can approve or reject the request. If approved, one Interview Credit is deducted from the provider's account. If the provider rejects or does not respond, no credits are deducted.

Cost and Usage

Service providers receive a specific number of Interview Credits annually based on their membership plan:

  • Standard Membership: 1 Interview Credit per year
  • Premium Membership: 5 Interview Credits per year
  • Pro Membership: 15 Interview Credits per year

Additional Interview Credits can be purchased as needed to ensure continuous engagement with potential clients.


Using Interview Credits ensures commitment and professionalism from both parties. Homeowners are more likely to engage seriously, knowing there's a cost involved, and service providers can efficiently manage their interview opportunities.

Managing Your Credits

Service providers can track their remaining credits and purchase additional ones through their dashboard. This system encourages active participation and helps providers optimize their chances of securing jobs.

Credit Allocation:

  • Standard Membership: Receives up to 1 interview credit annually and 10 monthly Connects.

  • Platinum Membership: Receives up to 5 interviews credits annually and 25 monthly Connects.

  • PRO Membership: Receives up to 15 interviews credits annually and 50 monthly Connects.

This structure is designed to match different levels of engagement and needs, ensuring that all members can benefit from tailored interaction opportunities.



Understanding and Using Connects on Cohostmarket

What are Connects?

Connects are virtual credits that service providers use to bid on job offers posted by homeowners on Cohostmarket. Each Connect represents an opportunity to engage with potential clients by expressing interest in their job postings.

How Connects Work

  • Monthly Allocation: Each membership level (Standard, Premium, and Pro) includes a specific number of Connects per month.

  • Usage: Connects are used each time a service provider contact a Homeowners or bids on a job offer.

  • Renewal: Connects are replenished monthly according to the membership plan. Unused Connects do not carry over to the next month.

Membership Connects Allocation

  • Standard Membership: Active members receive 10 Connects per month. To maintain active status, you must log in at least once a week. Inactive members will not receive monthly Connects.

  • Premium Membership: Receive 25 Connects per month.

  • Pro Membership: Receive 50 Connects per month.

Connects reset at the beginning of each month and do not roll over, ensuring fresh opportunities to bid on new job offers regularly.

Benefits of Using Connects

  • Increased Opportunities: More Job Connects mean more chances to secure job offers.
  • Targeted Engagement: Use Connects to focus on job offers that align with your expertise.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Actively bidding on job offers keeps your profile visible and engaged on the platform.

How to Use Connects

  • Browse Job Offers: Log in to your CohostMarket account and navigate to the Job Offers section.
  • Bid on Jobs: Use your Connects to bid on job offers that match your skills and services. Each bid costs one Connect.
  • Engage with Clients: If a homeowner is interested in your bid, they may contact you directly through the platform.

Important Considerations

  • Cost of Connects: Additional Connects can be purchased if you run out before the monthly renewal.

  • Inactive Accounts: To keep your account active and maintain visibility, ensure you log in regularly and use your Connects to bid on relevant job offers or promote your services to homeowners by contacting them from their profile.

For a detailed guide on how to use Connects and maximize your opportunities, visit our Help Center.

By understanding and effectively using Connects, you can enhance your presence on Cohostmarket, engage with more clients, and grow your business in the short-term rental market.


Membership and Profile Activation:

Annual Renewal and Benefits: Standard membership, costing $19 per year, not only maintains your professional profile on our platform but also includes 1 interview credit per year. This credit is key to keeping your profile active.

Profile Functionality: With a Standard membership, you can promote up to three management packages or services on your professional profile page. This allows you to showcase a diverse range of offerings to potential clients.

Credit Top-Up: Once your included interview credit is used, you’ll need to purchase additional credits to continue engaging in new interviews. Keeping at least one interview credit in your account is crucial as it keeps your account active and visible on the platform.

Why Maintain at Least One Credit:

We recommend always having at least one interview credit in your account. This ensures that your profile remains active and you can respond to or initiate contact with potential employers without interruptions. It is particularly important for Standard members to be aware that after using their one included credit, the profile will not facilitate new interviews until additional credits are purchased and their profile won't show in search result anymore. 

Understanding Your Membership:

For Standard members, the initial interview credit offers a valuable opportunity to connect with a potential employer. However, it's important to plan for the purchase of additional credits if ongoing interactions are anticipated throughout the year. This strategy will help you maximize the benefits of Cohostmarket without facing unexpected profile inactivity.

Benefits of the New System:

Enhanced Professionalism: By implementing interview credits, we encourage more thoughtful and prepared interactions, raising the standard of service and engagement on our platform.

Greater Value for Membership: The tiered credit system aligns with our goal to provide value at every level of membership, ensuring that service providers have appropriate opportunities to connect with clients.

Clear and Simple Process: With defined credits for interviews, members can plan their interaction strategies more effectively, optimizing their chances for successful collaborations.

Support and Assistance:

If you have questions about purchasing credits or need more information on keeping your profile active, our support team is ready to assist you. Contact us for guidance on managing your credits and making the most of your membership.

Thank you for being part of our community.

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