How It Works


Co-Host Market is a user-friendly platform engineered to be intuitive. We have gone to great lengths to make it easy for new users to get started on our platform right away, cutting through the extraneous features that bog down otherwise high-quality ideas.


In essence, we are connecting Airbnb property owners with verified Airbnb property managers and co-hosts. To get started, you simply need to create your account and figure out what your goals on the platform are. From there, you can search and meet the users whose goals complement your own. For example, if you are looking to take on hosting responsibilities, we will connect you with property managers who are looking to outsource hosting responsibilities (and vice versa). You can either list a property or search through the other properties that users have listed within set geographic areas, determining the perfect opportunities for yourself.

Whether you are a current Airbnb user, a past Airbnb user, or just starting out, everything on Co-Host Market is self-explanatory. You can begin navigating the platform based on the directions that you find inside the platform, which is here to inspire action and make your life easier.

The platform is self-sustaining, Co-Host Market earning revenue through subscription fees. Property managers and co-hosts, on the other hand, set their own prices, charging between 5% and 30% for every booking.


This means that anyone can start to generate serious revenue through Co-Host Market today. If you have been looking for your big break in life, this could be it. Short-term rental agencies can also get in on the game, leveraging their infrastructure to break in on the platform quickly.


It all starts with a sign-up. Once you have made your Co-Host Market account, you are halfway there. You do not need to worry about liability the same way that you would need to starting a new business normally, either, because Co-Host Market is here to keep you and all other users safe, preventing abuse by carefully vetting co-hosts and monitoring all interactions.


This is your chance to smash through any barriers that you have perceived and build the business of your dreams in the short-term rental market. Anyone can learn how to use Co-Host Market in no time at all.



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