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At Cohostmarket, we recognize the growing demand for online expertise in short-term rentals and property management. That's why we've developed a specific category for professionals like you – our Hostpro Users. This category is ideal for those offering online services, consultations, and digital products related to vacation rentals. Whether you're adept in enhancing rental returns through digital strategies, providing virtual property management solutions, or offering expert advice to improve guest experiences, our platform bridges the gap between your skills and clients seeking your specialized online services.

Become a Freelancer on Cohostmarket today, and tap into the potential of online service provision in the vacation rental industry.

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Your expertise, whether in web design, SEO, or any niche related to vacation rentals, is immensely valuable. At Cohostmarket, we understand the diverse needs of the short-term and vacation rental industry. That's why we've tailored our platform to include a spectrum of digital services, from direct online consultations to specialized offerings.

Join us and collaborate with property owners, managers, and a variety of stakeholders, contributing to the enhancement of the Airbnb and short-term rental sphere. Together, we have the power to redefine the standards of vacation stays, service by service. Be a part of this transformative journey!

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Stay on top of your orders with immediate alerts. Use our streamlined messaging system for clear communication with clients. Discuss, clarify, and agree on service specifics to meet and exceed client expectations.

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At Cohostmarket, we understand the significant impact expert consultations can have on enhancing the success of short-term rentals. We invite experienced Airbnb professionals, property managers, and marketing experts to join our platform as Global Experts offering online consultations. Leverage your knowledge and provide invaluable advice to homeowners and property managers looking to optimize their rentals.

By becoming an online consultant, you can offer tailored advice through our seamless Zoom API integration, providing flexible and convenient consultation sessions. Whether you specialize in rental optimization, guest communication strategies, or digital marketing, our platform connects you with clients worldwide eager for your expertise.

Join Cohostmarket and transform your experience into valuable consultations that drive success in the short-term rental market.

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Global Expert Features Free subscription Platinum subscription Elitesubscription
Fast-Track Service Approval Slow - Up to 7 Days Fast - 48 Hours 24 hours
Number of Services Listed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
VIP Badge Cross icon Cross icon pro
Super Host Badge Cross icon Check icon Check icon
Online Consultation Access 10 to 40 Minutes Max 10 to 40 Minutes Max
Main Areas of Expertise 1 Expertise + 5 Skills 3 Expertise + 15 Skills 5 Expertise + 25 Skills
Reduced Commission Rates Standard 20% Reduced 15% Lowest: 10%
Skill Listing Capacity Up To 5 Skills Up To 15 Skills Up To 25 Skills
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Payout Request Weekly Payout Request Daily Payout Request Daily Payout Request
FREE TRIAL - Cancel At Anytime — — — 2 Months FREE TRIAL 2 Months FREE TRIAL
 Monthly Renewal Subscription FREE $9.90/PER MONTH $19.90/PER MONTH
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