Our Solutions

Airbnb Property Manager

Managing properties it’s a complex responsibility as it is without adding in anything extra. Many property managers create unnecessary work for themselves doing just them – adding in extra work, work that they could outsource to improve their efficiency levels. That is what Co-Host Market is all about: improving efficiency levels for property managers in order to help them avoid the distractions inherent in setting up and overseeing bookings.


Especially for property managers who work solely in short-term rentals, Co-Host Market is a game-changer. This is a platform designed to facilitate your work and free you up to focus on other areas of your business – or even take on more business. When you use Co-Host Market to outsource the co-host role on your Airbnb property, everything is going to run more smoothly, and as a property manager, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.  

Homeowner & Vacation Rental Owner

If you are homeowner, then there is a gold mine sitting right behind your front door. It's true, and you never need to swing a pick or dig a hole to reap all its rewards. The gold mine is the home itself, the very property into which you have invested your capital and your time. Airbnb has ushered in a new era for short-term rentals, making it simpler than ever before for homeowners like you to convert your unused space into reliable passive income.


Of course, you may be thinking to yourself, "But I don't have time to set up those bookings." That is no problem. By joining Co-Host Market, you can connect with both property managers to oversee your property and co-hosts to remotely take care of the bookings. You sit back and reap the rewards, letting your partners through Co-Host Market take care of everything else.  

House Maintenance & Cleaning Service Company

Entrepreneurs are always looking for "the next big opening" in their industries. These are the pivot points from which startups build themselves up and established companies level into something bigger. This is one of those pivot points for cleaning companies. Designed to help property managers and homeowners outsource their hosting responsibilities to co-hosts for short-term rental properties, Co-Host Market is going to enable Airbnb entrepreneurs to change the way that they do business – which is excellent news for cleaning companies as well.


As a cleaning company owner, you can also use Co-Host Market, connecting with property managers and co-hosts to find regular cleaning jobs. This is a direct and easy way to generate revenue for your company, avoiding dead-end leads altogether and instead using your time wisely to do real cleaning. All you need to do is sign up on Co-Host Market to get started. From there, untold growth for your cleaning company is possible. 

Local Property Management & Real Estate Agency

Short-term rentals have hit peak popularity, and yet at the same time, they show now signs of slowing down. As exponential as growth has been for some of the top of short-term rental agencies, it seems plausible that our best years are ahead of us. There to help lead the way, Co-Host Market is a platform that facilitates easier hosting situations through Airbnb, connecting homeowners and property managers with carefully vetted co-hosting professionals.


This is great news for you if you run your own short-term rental agency. Rather than hoping that you can find someone to take care of hosting responsibilities or doing it yourself, you can find someone who is experienced, capable, and motivated – all through just a few clicks of your mouse. Co-Host Market is a user-friendly, intuitive platform, and there are huge opportunities available for cutting-edge, motivated short-term rental agency owners to thrive by making use of our ingenious platform.