Hostpro Subscription

At HostPro Market, we empower freelancers to stand out and succeed. Our subscription plans—FREE, PREMIUM, and PRO—are crafted to match your unique skills and goals. Each tier offers a tailored set of tools and advantages, designed to expand your reach and enhance your offerings. Choose the plan that aligns with your professional vision and start building your future today.


membership Advantage free subscription premium subscription prosubscription
Service Review Duration Up to 7 days Approval Within 24 Hours Within 24 Hours
Online Consultation Access Duration Limit (40 Min) Duration Limit (40 Min)
All-Service VIP Badge
Super Host Badge
Service Commission Rate 20% Commision 15% Commision 10% Commision
Main Categories 1 Area of Expertise 3 Area of Expertise 5 Area of Expertise
Skill Listing Capacity Up To 5 Skills Up To 15 Skills Up To 25 Skills
Custom Offerings
Earnings Payout Frequency Weekly Payout Daily Payout Daily Payout
Free Trial - Cancel Anytime! - 2 Months 2 Months
Monthly Subscription Rate FREE $9.90 /Month $19.00/Month


Free Basic Subscription

Begin your journey at HostPro Market with our Free Basic Subscription. Tailored for those just starting out, this plan gives you access to fundamental features to build your professional presence online.

All your published services will be meticulously vetted within a 7-day period, affirming your place among a community committed to quality. Present an unlimited array of services to showcase the scope of your expertise. Keep in mind, to maintain a focus on quality, online consultation services are exclusive to our Premium or PRO members.

With a competitive commission fee of 20%, you'll keep a substantial portion of your earnings. Define your niche by selecting one main category and One skills. Enjoy the flexibility of HostPro Market with our free membership!


Premium Subscription:

Elevate your freelance journey with HostPro Market's Premium subscription. This plan fast-tracks your service verification within 48 hours, accelerating your market entry. With a reduced commission of 15%, you'll enjoy greater profits on every deal. Diversify your presence by listing in up to 3 categories and showcasing 15 skills, with the freedom to offer unlimited services.

Stand out from Free members with enhanced visibility, and benefit from daily payouts for quicker access to earnings. Premium membership also unlocks online consultation services, allowing up to 40-minute sessions for comprehensive client interactions. For deeper engagements, upgrade with our Consultation Expert Add-on for sessions extending to 300 minutes.

Now offering a 2-month free trial, embrace this opportunity at just $9.90/month post-trial. Boost your professional profile and connect with a wider audience in our thriving marketplace.



PRO Subscription:

Reach the pinnacle of your freelance career with HostPro Market's Pro Subscription. Tailored for elite professionals, this plan ensures rapid 24-hour service verification and offers our most competitive commission rate of just 10%. Show off your diverse expertise by selecting up to 5 main categories and displaying up to 25 skills, with the liberty of unlimited service listings to fully showcase your talent.

Pro status elevates your market visibility and includes access to our daily payout system, providing immediate control over your earnings. Engage deeply with clients through 40-minute online consultations, and for extensive interactions, choose our Consultation Expert Add-on to extend session times up to 300 minutes.

Now with a 2-month free trial, seize this exclusive opportunity at only $19.00/month post-trial. Take a significant leap in your professional journey with Pro, gaining unparalleled access and visibility in our dynamic marketplace.



Dive into HostPro Market's full potential with our unmatched Premium and PRO subscriptions. We're delighted to offer a 60-day free trial, giving you a chance to harness advanced features and earn exclusive badges. This trial lets you experience our platform's superior capabilities without any commitment - cancel anytime if it doesn't align with your goals.

This risk-free opportunity is entirely on us, with no charges during the trial. It's the perfect moment to amplify your presence on HostPro Market. Step into the spotlight and explore your potential to the fullest.

Your time to shine has arrived. Embrace this chance to redefine your professional journey. Subscribe now and start transforming your potential into reality!

From our "Free Subscription" plan to our "Premium Subscription" plan to our "Pro Subscription" plan, our choices are diverse, meaning that there is a way to make our platform work for you. All it takes is a little bit of thinking on your part to figure out what is best to help you reach your goals!