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At CoHost Market our goal is to have homeowners connect with a service provider who offers a skill set that’s needed.

Whether it be a cleaner to deep-clean a property after check-outs or an Airbnb Co-host who can help with day-to-today tasks.Our service providers are located around the globe for either local or virtual assistance, choose your location and search.


It’s a simple concept-connecting homeowners with eligible short-terms rental service providers. 


 First, you’ll register as either a homeowner or service provider. 


 Sign-up as a Homeowner, it means you need a service provider to help you with your property (locally or remotely as a virtual Assistant).


 Sign-up as a Service Provider, you’re looking to get hired by a homeowner as a property manager, Airbnb Co-host, Cleaning company and more.... 


Complete your profile, get verified, and start searching the platform for what you need.

Once the host hire his co-host using our platform, the details of the co-host will be available to the host. After that, the apartment owner will be able to send an Airbnb co-hosting request trough Airbnb itself. Once the process is approved by both parties, the co-host will get full access to the host account and will be able perform all his tasks.

It is important to reiterate that renting out on Airbnb is a full-time job from answering guest questions, keeping your reviews in check, updating your listing page on the site, adding more amenities, handling key exchanges, the list goes on.

If you manage more than one Airbnb rental property, your to-do list gets bigger and time management becomes the key to your Airbnb success. A co-host will streamline your Airbnb business at every stage of the guest cycle.

When hiring a co-host, you divide the tasks. This means that you agree on who will take care of what when it comes to the rental property management. You should also establish in advance how much of the rental income the Airbnb co-host will get and how much he/she will contribute towards rental expenses.

Typically, Airbnb guests stay at the property for a few days. This means that, if you have managed your bookings correctly, there is a constant flow of new people coming in. As you can imagine, this means that the property requires quite a lot of maintenance which is more complicated for an agency to provide. 

CohostMarket will allow you to manage all the payments to your co-host directly online. On our platform, hosts and co-hosts agree on each other's responsibilities, how much of the reservation income will be returned to the co-host, and how the co-host's expenses will be reimbursed.

In order to ensure that your rental is one of the top Airbnb listings, you need to show an attentive attitude towards each guest and be available to assist whenever needed.

When becoming a landlord of a short-term rental, you should also put effort into the Airbnb listing process. This means finding an attractive way to present your property, responding to potential guests as soon as possible, finding ways to be competitive among the market, and so on and so forth. The reason behind this is that the amount of bookings you get is tightly correlated to the Airbnb profit you will make.

As your co-host salary will be commissioned based, he will obviously be highly motivated to increase your/his revenue.

Not anymore. In fact, Airbnb used to be the major rental platform to push this concept out to its users to find local Airbnb co-host in their area or city, but the Co-Host Market place service has been shut down since 2018.  Our online sharing platform can help you find the perfect co-host to make your life easier and increase your revenue.

Definitely, a co-host can walk you through all the best practices for preparing your space for rental guests. Guests usually appreciate when they have some of their own space and aren't stepping over the owner’s personal items.  

Additionally, you'll want to follow some easy tips to preserve some space for your personal and valuable items while you have guests.

Absolutely, many clients are just looking for the peace of mind in knowing that someone is on call for their guests while they travel.  Your co-host’s help can be turned on and off as needed.

The protective measures implemented by Airbnb cover the homeowner and their property to various degrees and obviously a co-host can help you manage this process if something goes wrong. Airbnb have built-in policies, and as a homeowner, having the appropriate insurance coverage is important.                                                                                                                          

If a situation arises that needs immediate attention, a co-host can simply coordinate the repairs as needed according to your instructions.  On the other hand, if the repair can wait, they can communicate with you to ensure things are resolved as you see fit.  

The first step will be to create your online profile on CoHostMarket so you can present your profile and what Hosting service you need . Obviously, you will need to identify your needs as an Home owner so you can find the perfect fit!

Answering this question is tricky as it will depend on the number of co-host registered in your area. Obviously, the more crowded it is, the easier you will find. But our online platform recently open so it's should take some time to get some  Co-host or property Manager in your area.

Note: In case you cannot find co-host or property available in your city you can still contact us so we can get notified as soon an new Airbnb Co-host will register in our platform.

Every Co-host will be carefully selected by our verification expert team. A passport or driving license photocopy will be necessary to open an account on CoHostMarket. In addition, each Airbnb profile as well as the phone number of each member will be validated by our team to make sure they meet our security requirement

It is 100% free for homeowner to register, post Job offer and find or contact service provider. Whenever, scheduling a interview will cost $5 service fee which will allow you to access the provider contact information, phone number and Email. 

Once you remove a co-host, they won’t be able to edit your listing, manage reservations, or read or respond to messages. You’re still responsible for current or future reservations, including any reservations accepted by the co-host. Click here for more details.

Use the following steps to find your Airbnb Profile URL

1) Login your Airbnb Account and click on Hosting in your Airbnb account
2) On the right corner click you profile picture and then select Profile 
3) Then copy and past your Airbnb Profile URL in form


Your Airbnb Profile URL will show same as this


NOTE: We also accept the URL of any listing you manage 

Absolutely and you can do it thought your Airbnb account. You can manage someone else's property as long as the owner consents. Hosting management service may include listing the property on Airbnb and other related sites as well as dealing with the bookings, respond to booking request, Coordinate cleaning or Maintenance, etc.

No they are not as every co-host is registered as a freelance Airbnb Property Manager and every co-host has also the option to offer his own hosting package according to the skills required by his customer (host). Payment can be a flat rate or a percentage (%) of the sale volume.

No we are not. At CoHostMarket, our goal is simply to create a whole new type of offline relationship which is meant to connect people with locations to share and those who have the daily management skills required to ensure their value as locative assets.

If there is no available or registered co-host in your area, you still have the option to subscribe to our CoHostMarket pending list where you will be requested to provide your personal information and postal code so you can be notified as soon as a co-host is available in your city.

Because every Airbnb Co-Host on our platform is in fact a professional property manager, we minimize risks by carefully screening them for you. Moreover, you will be able to chat with them and ask as many question you may have according to your Hosting needs or services provided by Co-host 

The reimbursement amount granted to guests who cancel their reservation varies according to the cancellation policy chosen on your listing, Flexible, Moderate or Strict which you can also define in your Airbnb account. Obviously, your rental rates will also varies according to the season, occupancy rates and local events.