How can we help?

At CoHost Market our goal is to have homeowners connect with a service provider who offers a skill set that’s needed.

Whether it be a cleaner to deep-clean a property after check-outs or an Airbnb Co-host who can help with day-to-today tasks.Our service providers are located around the globe for either local or virtual assistance, choose your location and search.


It’s a simple concept-connecting homeowners with eligible short-terms rental service providers. 


 First, you’ll register as either a homeowner or service provider. 


 Sign-up as a Homeowner, it means you need a service provider to help you with your property (locally or remotely as a virtual Assistant).


 Sign-up as a Service Provider, you’re looking to get hired by a homeowner as a property manager, Airbnb Co-host, Cleaning company and more.... 


Complete your profile, get verified, and start searching the platform for what you need.

Once a homeowner has scheduled an interview with a service provider and paid the Cohost Market $5 fee, contact information is shared.


The homeowner will now send a co host request to the service provider through their Airbnb profile. After the service provider accepts the request, they will have full access to the listing-update calendar, pricing, respond to guests, etc.

Running an STR ( Short-Term Rental) requires a lot of time; this is the main benefit of hiring a Cohost-you’ll free up time for yourself. Co-Hosts listed on our platform will offer various time-saving tasks for you, such as guest communication, check-in/out, scheduling cleaners/maintenance, updating your online listing, etc.


By hiring someone, you can either split the responsibilities or have them manage your listing(s). Determine a price before hiring them- a flat rate or % per reservation is to be expected.

When hiring a co-host, you divide the tasks. This means that you agree on who will take care of what when it comes to the rental property management. You should also establish in advance how much of the rental income the Airbnb co-host will get and how much he/she will contribute towards rental expenses.

Typically, Airbnb guests stay at the property for a few days. This means that, if you have managed your bookings correctly, there is a constant flow of new people coming in. As you can imagine, this means that the property requires quite a lot of maintenance which is more complicated for an agency to provide. 

CohostMarket allows you to payout service providers via Bank Transfer/Paypal on our platform. There's a small commission fee of 3% for homeowners and 5% for service providers. This percentage is based on the agreed-upon payment for a service provider's completed work.

Increasing your visibility on Airbnb or any booking site is certainly the goal towards maximizing your profits, but it doesn’t mean you have to figure it out alone.


You’ll need someone who can not only make your listing description stand out, but also determine the best nightly rates. By hiring a service provider through our platform who specializes in listing optimization you’re sure to get your listing to where it needs to be.

No, Airbnb no longer features a Marketplace where homeowners can find co-hosts in their local area. It was indeed a helpful tool for so many but was eliminated in 2018. Cohost Market's platform was created to offer an alternative to the Airbnb Marketplace, but with more services provided by eligible service providers.

Absolutely. Even if you have yet to purchase a property, a Service Provider can help guide you through the process. You’ll want to find a service provider that offers “Listing creation” as a skill set.


We recommend using our “Job Post” feature to attract more viable candidates; this way, you can also describe your current or future space, work required, and the pay.

Yes, many of our homeowners hire a service provider for a short time. Once you arrange an interview with this person or company, you'll discuss how much time you need them. 

The protective measures implemented by Airbnb cover the homeowner and their property to various degrees, and obviously, a service provider can help you manage this process if something goes wrong.


Airbnb has built-in policies, and as a homeowner, having the appropriate insurance coverage besides Airbnb is essential. It's important to discuss this kind of situation with your service provider before hiring.                                                                                                                     

If a situation arises that needs immediate attention, a service provider can coordinate the repairs as required according to your instructions. On the other hand, if the repair can wait, they can communicate with you to ensure things are resolved as you see fit. These are essential scenario questions to ask in an interview, and it might also depend on the services you need.

The first step will be to create your online profile on CoHostMarket so you can present your profile and what Hosting service you need . Obviously, you will need to identify your needs as an Home owner so you can find the perfect fit!

It completely depends on the type of work you need help with and the number of service providers offering it. Some owners hire online co-hosts to assist with almost all day-to-day tasks except being physically present in that location, so your options for a service provider increase. While an owner who is looking for a local service provider might have a limited list.

Note: If you cannot find a service provider available in your city, send us an email from our "Contact Page" to receive a notification whenever a new service provider registers in your area.

Every Co-host will be carefully selected by our verification expert team. A passport or driving license photocopy will be necessary to open an account on CoHostMarket. In addition, each Airbnb profile as well as the phone number of each member will be validated by our team to make sure they meet our security requirement

At the moment, it is 100% free to register, but should you decide to schedule an interview with a service provider and get contact information with the services provider, there's a $5 fee. You can also view our direct booking details for hiring a service provider’s package.

Once you remove a co-host, they won’t be able to edit your listing, manage reservations, or read or respond to messages. You’re still responsible for current or future reservations, including any reservations accepted by the co-host. Click here for more details.

Here the Video Tutorial explaining the step by step to find your Airbnb Profile URL


You can also use the following steps to find your Airbnb Profile URL


  1. Login your Airbnb Account and click on Hosting in your Airbnb account
  2. On the right corner click you profile picture and then select Profile 
  3. Then copy and past your Airbnb Profile URL in form


Your Airbnb Profile URL will show same as this


NOTE: We only accept Airbnb profile which are under the same profile name as your Cohostmarket account.

Yes. Depending on the service provider that you select, they may or may not already have a system in place for adding a new property. It's important to ask questions during an interview to determine the best way for you to have a service provider manage your property. We recommend always having access to your account just in case you want to block off a date or change a price.

No. The service providers listed on our platform are not affiliated with our company, but rather offering services independently or as a company. You will notice that there's a variety of services being offered at different rates from a flat fee to a % per reservation.

Cohost Market is not affiliated with Airbnb in any way. Our website does have the option for Service Providers to link their current Airbnb profiles on our site to reflect their own hosting reviews and feedback.

We still encourage you to keep your account on CohostMarket because new service providers register daily on our platform. You can select “Subscribe” in your homeowner account to be notified when a new service provider is listed in your area.


Be sure that your profile is completely filled out with your location and information about your property.

We minimize risks by carefully screening each service provider that registers and fact checking their provided Airbnb link ( if applicable) email and encourage our service providers to verify their phone number and government I.D.


It is still your responsibility as a homeowner to ask questions prior to hiring them, which is why our interview process is so crucial.

The reimbursement amount granted to guests who cancel their reservation varies according to the cancellation policy chosen on your listing, Flexible, Moderate or Strict which you can also define in your Airbnb account. Obviously, your rental rates will also varies according to the season, occupancy rates and local events.

Email is the only required verification to have your profile approved, but we strongly suggest that our service providers verify their Government ID and Phone number as a way of increasing trust and safety.


When a service provider’s profile shows a “verified” icon it means that they have fully verified themselves through email,phone and ID.

Because our platform isn;t designed to be a free directory, but rather a member based community. You’ll first need to sign-up and create a homeowner profile account then after completing 70% of your profile, you can contact a service provider.

Contact information from a Service Provider is ONLY shared once you, the homeowner, have paid the $5 interview fee and they have accepted. Should you share your contact information in our messaging system, you’ll risk losing your account for good.

Yes and No. Once you search for service providers in your area, you’ll be able to see who is fully verified or not on the search results page.

Our $5 interview fee is non-refundable, but a credit of $5 will be issued to your homeowner account wallet after 48hrs if a service provider fails to accept or decline your request. You can use this $5 credit towards another interview with a service provider. We send out a total of 3 email notifications to a service provider about a homeowners interview request, but ultimately it lays on the service provider to check their account frequently and respond.


Service providers who have a 100% response rate on our platform are typically users who are active, so keep this in mind when selecting a service provider.

Yes-You have the option to save the Service Providers you like in the Wishlist section on your Owner account. Simply hover over the Service Providers profile you like and hit the “heart” icon.

It means that if a NEW Service Provider signs up in your area ( within “X” amount of radius) you’ll be notified. You’ll be able to select “Active” or “In-Active” in your user profile page under owner details. We usually recommend selecting “active” because each service provider who signs up offers a different skill such as cleaning or photography.

Yes-All homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners can sign-up on our site. It’s important to ask yourself what type of services you need-whether it's hiring a Co-Host to determine how much your future listing can earn to a full-time property manager who will likely assist with all guest communications, pricing, scheduling a cleaner etc.

No. Our support staff can help you with setting up your profile, explaining how to post a job offer or even sending an interview request to a service provider, but our company doesn’t actually select a service provider for you at this time.

It depends how much of a radius you select when determining your location.