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As a homeowner, managing a short-term rental property like an Airbnb can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. To alleviate the burden, many homeowners turn to Short-Term Rental (STR) property managers or Airbnb co-hosts for assistance.

An STR property manager is a professional who specializes in overseeing short-term rental properties on behalf of the homeowner. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, including guest communication, property maintenance, cleaning services, and pricing optimization. STR property managers have extensive industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to effectively manage rental properties and maximize revenue.

An Airbnb co-host, on the other hand, is an individual who partners with the homeowner to manage their Airbnb listing. Co-hosts provide support with tasks such as managing reservations, greeting guests, and ensuring the property is clean and well-prepared for each guest's arrival. Co-hosts may be friends, family members, or local experts who have a vested interest in the success of the property.

Both STR property managers and Airbnb co-hosts aim to help homeowners save time and reduce stress by handling the daily tasks involved in short-term rental management. By leveraging their expertise, these professionals also contribute to increased rental income through pricing optimization and exceptional guest experiences.

At, we understand the importance of having a reliable and skilled professional to manage your short-term rental property. Our marketplace connects homeowners with trusted local property managers, co-hosts, cleaning companies, and virtual assistants to ensure the smooth and successful operation of their Airbnb listings. is designed to facilitate connections between homeowners and skilled short-term rental service providers, streamlining the process of finding the right support for managing rental properties.

To begin, homeowners can sign up for a free account and search for service providers based on location and specific requirements. Homeowners can then initiate contact with potential service providers through our platform at no cost, allowing them to discuss their needs and ensure a good fit before committing to an interview.

Once a homeowner decides to proceed with a service provider, they can schedule an interview for a small service fee of $5. This fee grants access to the service provider's contact information after confirming the interview. Please note that sharing contact information prior to a confirmed interview is against our terms and conditions, ensuring secure connections between users on our platform.

Our primary objective is to simplify short-term rental management for homeowners, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience while maintaining a secure environment.

To get started, register on the website and select the appropriate sign-up option. Homeowners seeking a service provider to manage their property should choose the homeowner option.

Once your profile is complete and verified, you can explore the platform and connect with the service providers that best meet your needs, while adhering to our secure communication guidelines.


Managing a short-term rental property can be a demanding task, requiring constant attention to guest communication, property management, and maintenance. Engaging the services of a co-host, property manager, or virtual assistant can significantly alleviate these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life or business while also boosting your profits. offers a diverse selection of service providers who can assist with various tasks, including guest communication, check-in and check-out procedures, scheduling cleaning and maintenance, updating your online listing, and more. By delegating these duties, you can devote your time to other essential matters.

Service providers typically charge either a flat rate or a percentage per reservation, enabling you to choose a pricing plan that best suits your needs. Regardless of whether you require support for a single property or multiple listings, our service providers are committed to helping you achieve success in your short-term rental business.

Engaging the services of a co-host, property manager, or cleaning company can have a significant positive impact on your short-term rental business. Their assistance can help save time, minimize stress, and increase rental income. Co-hosts and property managers can support guest communication, check-ins and check-outs, and the scheduling of cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring your property remains pristine and well-maintained.

Moreover, co-hosts and property managers possess valuable experience and expertise in rental management. They can assist in optimizing your listing, determining the ideal price, and providing insights into local regulations and laws.With their guidance, you can boost bookings, enhance guest satisfaction, and maximize your rental income.

Hiring a co-host, property manager, or cleaning company for your short-term rental can offer several key benefits:

  1. Time-saving: By managing tasks such as guest communication and property maintenance, these professionals free up your time for other important aspects of your life or business.

  2. Expertise: Co-hosts and property managers possess industry knowledge that can help optimize your listing, determine the ideal pricing, and navigate local regulations.

  3. Increased bookings and satisfaction: Their guidance can boost bookings, enhance guest satisfaction, and maximize your rental income.

  4. Consistent cleanliness: A cleaning company ensures your property remains clean and ready for each guest.

  5. Customized services: Service providers can tailor their solutions to your property's unique requirements and your preferences.

In summary, hiring a co-host, property manager, or cleaning company can streamline your short-term rental management, making it more efficient and profitable while reducing stress.

Choosing a co-host or property manager for your short-term rental can offer several advantages over using a traditional real estate agency:

  1. Industry Expertise: Co-hosts and property managers are experienced in short-term rental management and understand the nuances of the industry, allowing them to optimize your listing, pricing, and availability to attract more guests and generate higher profits.

  2. Personalized Attention: Co-hosts and property managers typically manage fewer properties at a time compared to real estate agencies, enabling them to provide personalized care and attention to your property and your guests.

  3. Day-to-Day Management: Co-hosts and property managers handle daily tasks such as guest communication, check-ins, cleaning, and maintenance, which are crucial for maintaining guest satisfaction in short-term rentals that require frequent turnover and upkeep.

  4. Cost-Effective: Hiring a co-host or property manager can be more cost-effective than using a traditional real estate agency or rental management company, as their commission fees for full management or online management are typically lower.

  5. Peace of Mind: Hiring a co-host or property manager ensures your property is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life or business.

In conclusion, opting for a co-host or property manager over a traditional agency can provide personalized attention, expert management, increased efficiency, and cost savings in your short-term rental business, ultimately leading to higher earnings and enhanced guest satisfaction.


Maximizing your visibility on Airbnb is crucial for increasing your profits, and hiring an expert co-host or property manager can help you achieve this goal. They can assist you in optimizing your listing and determining the best nightly rates to make your property stand out.

Here are some ways an expert co-host or property manager can improve your listing's visibility on Airbnb:

  1. Listing Optimization: They can enhance your listing with appealing photos, a captivating title, and a detailed description that highlights the unique features of your property.

  2. Pricing Strategy: They can help you set competitive pricing and adjust it dynamically based on demand and seasonality to attract more guests.

  3. Quick Response: Responding promptly to guest inquiries and providing excellent customer service can boost your ranking in Airbnb's search results. A co-host or property manager can handle guest communication efficiently, improving your response time.

  4. Consistent Quality: By maintaining a clean and well-maintained property, your co-host or property manager ensures positive guest reviews, which can lead to higher rankings on Airbnb.

  5. Smart Promotion: An expert co-host or property manager can advise you on the best ways to promote your property, including utilizing Airbnb's marketing tools and leveraging social media.

By utilizing the expertise of a co-host, virtual assistant or a property manager found through our platform, you can enhance your Airbnb listing's visibility, increase bookings, and boost your revenue.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your property stand out and hire an expert service provider today!

Considering listing your property on popular vacation rental platforms like Airbnb,, or Agoda? A co-host or property manager can effectively prepare your space to attract guests and maximize your earnings. They can guide you through every step, from setting the right price to creating an eye-catching listing.

Here's how a co-host or property manager can help prepare your property for short-term rentals:

  1. Pricing Strategy: They can assist you in determining a competitive pricing strategy that considers demand, seasonality, and local market conditions.

  2. Listing Optimization: An expert co-host or property manager can create a compelling listing with high-quality photos, a captivating title, and an engaging description.

  3. Property Staging: They can help you stage your property to showcase its best features and create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for guests.

  4. Guest Experience: A co-host or property manager ensures smooth guest communication, efficient check-in and check-out processes, and timely scheduling of cleaning and maintenance services.

  5. Compliance with Local Regulations: They can offer valuable insights into local regulations and laws, helping you navigate any potential legal issues and comply with the necessary requirements.

  6. Online Presence Management: Co-hosts or property managers can help maintain and update your online listing to ensure it remains relevant and appealing to potential guests.

By enlisting the support of a co-host or property manager, you can make your short-term rental venture stress-free and profitable. Their expertise and experience will ensure your property is well-prepared to attract guests and generate maximum earnings.

At CoHost Market, we understand that every homeowner has unique requirements when it comes to managing their short-term rental properties. That's why our platform offers various engagement options with service providers, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits your needs best. Whether you need part-time or full-time assistance, or even one-time services, we've got you covered.

During the interview and hiring process, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements with the service provider. This allows you to establish a tailored arrangement that aligns perfectly with your expectations and the duration of assistance needed. By customizing the engagement, you can ensure a seamless and efficient collaboration, ultimately delivering the best results for your short-term rental property.

With CoHost Market, you have the freedom to choose the level of assistance that works for you. Whether you need ongoing support or assistance on specific tasks, our service providers are ready to meet your needs. We believe that a personalized approach leads to a successful partnership, as it allows both you and the service provider to work together effectively, ensuring your short-term rental property is well-managed and thriving.

Take advantage of our flexible service provider engagement options and discover the perfect solution for your short-term rental property management needs.

Dealing with unexpected property issues, routine maintenance, and cleaning is an integral part of managing a short-term rental. A co-host, property manager, or virtual assistant can efficiently coordinate these tasks on your behalf, following your guidelines and preferences. They can promptly address urgent situations, or consult with you for non-urgent matters to ensure that the repairs and maintenance are handled as per your requirements.

CoHostMarket offers a variety of services to assist in managing your short-term rental property, encompassing coordination of house repairs, maintenance services, property cleaning and turnover, outdoor cleaning companies, and more.

To ensure a top-quality experience, we recommend reaching out to our Premium and PRO service providers and thoroughly reviewing their profiles and verifications before hiring them for your property management needs.

To successfully hire a service provider for your short-term rental property, begin by creating an online profile on CoHostMarket. This profile should highlight your property and detail the co-hosting or property management services you require.

We suggest posting a job offer on our platform to efficiently connect with potential service providers that match your criteria. This complimentary feature simplifies the hiring process by allowing you to reach a wide array of suitable candidates. Alternatively, you can use our search bar to manually discover local service providers or virtual assistants.

Our advanced search functionality enables you to filter service providers based on factors such as responsiveness, ratings, budget, and more. This way, you can select a service provider who aligns with your specific needs and offers the desired level of flexibility.

The duration it takes to find a service provider on CoHostMarket can vary depending on the nature of the assistance you require and the availability of service providers in your region.

If you're searching for an online co-host, you might have more options compared to someone seeking a local service provider. However, if you're unable to locate a suitable service provider in your vicinity, feel free to reach out to us via our "Contact Page." We will inform you when a new service provider registers in your area. Posting a job offer on our platform is also highly recommended, as it can attract interested service providers and streamline the hiring process. Furthermore, job posting is entirely free.

You can also opt into our Service Provider Notification System by providing your location and the specific services you need. This way, you will be notified as soon as a new service provider becomes available in your area.

Not all service providers on CoHostMarket are verified Airbnb users. While some Co-Hosts and property managers have experience working on Airbnb, others may have experience working on other short-term rental platforms or are new to the industry.

At CoHostMarket, we take the verification of our service providers seriously. Before offering their services on our platform, all service providers must undergo a thorough background check and identity verification to ensure their qualifications and experience.

We encourage our service providers to showcase their experience and qualifications on their profiles. This includes linking to their Airbnb rating and reviews if they have used the platform before. However, not all service providers use Airbnb, so we recommend evaluating a provider's experience and qualifications comprehensively.

Ultimately, it's up to homeowners to decide which service providers is the best fit for their needs. We recommend reviewing each service providers profile, reviews, and qualifications carefully before making a decision. If you have any concerns or questions about a Co-Host's experience or qualifications, our team of short-term rental management experts is always available to assist you.

At CohostMarket, we strive to provide an accessible and user-friendly platform for homeowners to find and connect with service providers.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with registering as a homeowner and using our platform:

Registration Fee: We are pleased to inform you that registering as a homeowner on is 100% free. We believe in offering a seamless experience to homeowners interested in utilizing our platform.

Interview Scheduling Fee: If you wish to schedule an interview and access the contact information of a service provider, there is a nominal fee of $5. This fee helps cover the maintenance and support costs associated with operating our platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users.

One-Time Package: Homeowners can purchase a one-time package or flat rate, typically for online services or online consultations. The commission fee for homeowners is 12% of the service fee. The fees for these packages vary depending on the service provider and the specific package chosen.

Refund Policy: We understand that sometimes plans change or service providers may not respond or accept interview requests. In such cases, the $5 interview scheduling fee will be refunded to the homeowner's wallet. Our goal is to maintain a fair and transparent process for our users.

At CohostMarket, we continuously work towards providing an excellent experience for homeowners seeking professional services. We hope this detailed FAQ clarifies any concerns or questions you may have regarding the costs associated with registering and using our platform.

To remove a Co-Host on Airbnb, follow these simple steps:

 - Log in to your Airbnb account and navigate to your hosting dashboard.

- Select the listing for which you want to remove the Co-Host.

- Click on the "Co-Hosts" tab.

-Find the Co-Host you want to remove and click on the "Remove" button next to their name.

Once you remove a Co-Host, they will no longer be able to edit your listing, manage reservations, or read or respond to messages. It's important to note that you are still responsible for any current or future reservations, including those that were accepted by the Co-Host before they were removed.

If you have any concerns or questions about removing a Co-Host on Airbnb, we recommend checking out Airbnb's support center for more detailed information. Additionally, you can reach out to Airbnb's customer support team for assistance if needed.

At CoHostMarket, we're committed to helping homeowners manage their short-term rental properties with ease. If you need any further assistance with Co-Hosts or other aspects of short-term rental management, please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts.

To locate your Airbnb profile URL we have a helpful YouTube Video Tutorial that provides a visual guide for the process, or follow this simple step.

  • - Sign in to your Airbnb account.
  • - Click on the "Hosting" tab in the top navigation menu.
  • - Click on your profile picture located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • - Select "Profile" from the dropdown menu.

Once you've accessed your profile, scroll to the bottom of the page to find your unique Airbnb profile URL.

It will appear in the format:, where "68351076" represents a unique code assigned to your profile.

To ensure seamless integration with Cohostmarket, verify that the profile name on your Airbnb account matches the name on your Cohostmarket account. We only accept profiles with identical names.

Finally, copy your Airbnb profile URL and paste it into the designated form on our platform. Congratulations, you're all set!

Absolutely! CoHostMarket has a diverse range of service providers, including property managers, co-hosts, and virtual assistants, who specialize in managing Airbnb properties on behalf of homeowners. When selecting a service provider, make sure to review their profile, experience, and offered services to ensure they can effectively manage your property to your satisfaction.

During the interview process, discuss your expectations, requirements, and any specific tasks you need the service provider to handle. This could include guest communication, booking management, pricing strategy, housekeeping coordination, or maintenance management.

It's essential to maintain access to your Airbnb account, allowing you to stay informed about your property's performance and make any necessary adjustments. With the right service provider from CoHostMarket, you can rest assured that your property is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.

No, service providers on are not directly employed or affiliated with CohostMarket. They operate as independent professionals or businesses, offering their specialized skills to clients through our platform. CohostMarket acts as a trusted and easy-to-use marketplace, connecting homeowners with service providers to help them find the ideal match for their property management needs.

On our platform, you'll find a wide variety of services, each featuring unique pricing structures. These may include flat fees or percentage-based fees per reservation. CohostMarket's main goal is to help you identify and connect with the most appropriate service provider, customized to your specific hosting requirements.

No, CoHostMarket is an independent online marketplace and is not affiliated with Airbnb or any other short-term rental platform through a partnership program. We do, however, provide our Service Providers with the option to link their existing Airbnb profiles to their CohostMarket accounts.

This feature enables Service Providers to showcase their hosting reviews and feedback, helping users make more informed decisions when choosing a co-host or service provider on our platform.

As a professional and reputable online marketplace, our primary goal is to facilitate connections between property owners, co-hosts, and service providers within the short-term rental industry.We are continuously working to improve our platform and provide a seamless experience for all our users, independent of any affiliation with specific short-term rental platforms.

If you're unable to find a service provider in your area, don't worry!

Creating a job offer on CoHostMarket can significantly increase your chances of success. Posting a job offer is 100% free and can boost your chances of finding a suitable service provider by 60%.

When creating a job offer, set an expiry date for 30 days, giving ample time for potential service providers to discover your listing.

In addition to subscribing to notifications for new service providers in your area, a well-crafted job offer helps attract the right candidates for your needs. Make sure your profile is complete with accurate location information and property details, and don't forget to mention the specific services you're looking for.

By taking these steps, you'll be better positioned to connect with the perfect service provider for your short-term rental property.

At CoHostMarket, we prioritize your safety and security when connecting with service providers. To minimize risks when hiring a service provider, follow these recommended steps:

Choose PRO or Premium users: We encourage homeowners to contact our PRO or Premium service providers, as they have undergone a thorough verification process, ensuring their qualifications and experience.

Post a job offer: Posting a job offer on the platform allows you to specify your requirements and expectations, making it easier for you to find the right service provider.

Complete your OWNER Profile: Having a complete and detailed profile increases your visibility on the platform and allows PRO and Premium users to contact you directly. Make sure to include accurate information about your property and requirements.

Screen service providers: Take your time to review each candidate's profile, qualifications, and reviews. This will help you make an informed decision when selecting the most suitable service provider for your needs.

Conduct interviews: Interviewing potential service providers allows you to ask important questions and assess their compatibility with your property and expectations.

By following these steps, you can minimize risks and ensure that you're working with a reliable and professional service provider to manage your short-term rental property.

As a homeowner, registering on CoHostMarket provides a centralized platform for you to find and connect with a wide range of service providers catering to various aspects of managing your vacation property.

Here are some compelling reasons to sign up on our marketplace:

Comprehensive Service Provider Network: CoHostMarket allows you to access a diverse network of service providers across 190 countries, offering local management, property management, co-hosting, and house cleaning services tailored to your unique requirements.

Customized Solutions for Different Homeowner Types: Our platform caters to both experienced owners who manage short-term rentals or property management companies, as well as those who are just getting started in the short-term rental market. This versatility means you can find the right provider with the appropriate experience and expertise for your specific needs.

Holiday or Temporary Support: Managing a short-term rental property can be time-consuming, especially during peak holiday seasons. CoHostMarket enables you to find service providers who can offer part-time or hourly support, ensuring your property continues to run smoothly even when you need a break.

Streamlined Interview and Hiring Process: CoHostMarket simplifies the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring the perfect service provider for your needs. Our platform allows you to search, connect, and communicate with potential candidates, all in one place, saving you time and effort.

Opportunities for New and Less Experienced Providers: Homeowners who are new to the short-term rental market may be more open to hiring less experienced providers, creating opportunities for emerging professionals to gain valuable experience and build their reputation in the industry.

Enhanced Trust and Security: CoHostMarket focuses on creating a secure and professional environment, fostering trust between homeowners and service providers. This emphasis on reliability ensures a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Cost-Effective Solutions: By connecting homeowners with a variety of service providers, CoHostMarket enables you to find the right professional within your budget. This flexibility allows you to allocate resources effectively and maximize the profitability of your vacation property.

By registering on CoHostMarket, you gain access to an extensive and diverse network of service providers, tailored solutions for different homeowner types, and a streamlined process for finding, interviewing, and hiring the right professional.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your vacation property management experience and sign up on CoHostMarket today.

Email is the only required verification to have your profile approved, but we strongly suggest that our service providers verify their Government ID and Phone number as a way of increasing trust and safety.


When a service provider’s profile shows a “verified” icon it means that they have fully verified themselves through email,phone and ID.

Because our platform isn;t designed to be a free directory, but rather a member based community. You’ll first need to sign-up and create a homeowner profile account then after completing 70% of your profile, you can contact a service provider.

Contact information from a Service Provider is ONLY shared once you, the homeowner, have paid the $5 interview fee and they have accepted. Should you share your contact information in our messaging system, you’ll risk losing your account for good.

CoHostMarket's interview system is designed to facilitate communication between homeowners and service providers. However, it's important to understand that not all service providers may respond to interview requests. Here's how the interview system works and some tips to improve your chances of getting a response:

Different Account Types:

Service providers on CoHostMarket have different account types - Basic, Premium, and Pro. Basic users have free memberships and may not be as active as Premium or Pro users. We recommend homeowners focus on contacting Premium and Pro service providers, as they are more likely to be responsive and committed to their work.

Response Time Indicator:

To help homeowners gauge a service provider's responsiveness, we display an average response time on every profile. This indicator can help you choose providers who are likely to respond promptly to interview requests.

Send Multiple Interview Requests:

To increase your chances of receiving a response, consider sending interview requests to multiple service providers. This approach will help you identify the most responsive and suitable professionals for your needs.

Personalize Your Interview Request:

When sending an interview request, make sure to include specific details about your property and the services you require. A personalized message can increase the likelihood of a service provider responding to your request.

Follow Up:

If a service provider hasn't responded to your interview request within their indicated response time, consider sending a follow-up message. This can serve as a gentle reminder and may prompt them to respond.

While CoHostMarket aims to facilitate seamless communication between homeowners and service providers, it's important to remember that we cannot guarantee a response from every provider. By following the tips above, you can improve your chances of receiving a response and ultimately find the right professional for your vacation property management needs.

CoHostMarket offers a convenient way for homeowners to create a personalized "Favorite List" of service providers they are interested in working with. This feature is called the Wishlist, and it can be easily accessed through your Owner account.

To add a service provider to your Wishlist, follow these simple steps:

Browse through the profiles of various service providers to find the ones that align with your needs and preferences.
When you come across a service provider you would like to save for future reference, hover over their profile.
Click on the "heart" icon that appears. This action will add the service provider to your Wishlist.

Your Wishlist serves as a centralized location for all your favorite service providers, allowing you to easily review their profiles and reach out to them when you are ready to discuss your property management needs.

Creating a "Favorite List" of service providers not only helps you keep track of potential candidates but also streamlines the process of selecting the right professional for your vacation property. This user-friendly feature is just another way CoHostMarket enhances your property management experience.

It means that if a NEW Service Provider signs up in your area ( within “X” amount of radius) you’ll be notified. You’ll be able to select “Active” or “In-Active” in your user profile page under owner details. We usually recommend selecting “active” because each service provider who signs up offers a different skill such as cleaning or photography.

Yes-All homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners can sign-up on our site. It’s important to ask yourself what type of services you need-whether it's hiring a Co-Host to determine how much your future listing can earn to a full-time property manager who will likely assist with all guest communications, pricing, scheduling a cleaner etc.

No. Our support staff can help you with setting up your profile, explaining how to post a job offer or even sending an interview request to a service provider, but our company doesn’t actually select a service provider for you at this time.

It depends how much of a radius you select when determining your location.

At Cohostmarket, we require our users to log in to their account at least once every 6 months to ensure the quality and safety of our platform. By doing so, we can verify that the account is active and being actively managed by the user. Inactive accounts may be temporarily deactivated until the account owner verifies their email address to reactivate their account.

Keeping your account active and up-to-date also helps you maintain a strong presence on our platform and increases your chances of receiving leads and inquiries from potential clients.

We encourage all of our users to log in regularly to ensure the best possible experience on our platform.

On CoHostMarket, we have different types of service providers, ranging from basic to premium and pro users. Each service provider has different levels of verification based on the information they provide to us. Some providers have verified only their email address, while others have verified both their email and phone number. Some providers have gone through the entire verification process, which includes ID verification, background checks, and more.

We always recommend homeowners to contact and perform interviews with different service providers before making a decision. Keep in mind that some providers may be less active on the platform, while our premium and pro users are more active and responsive.

It's important to note that verification status does not guarantee the quality of service provided. However, we encourage service providers to complete their verification process as it increases their credibility and helps them stand out to potential clients.

If a service provider doesn't respond to your interview request, it can be frustrating and delay your plans. However, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of receiving a timely response from your your future co-host or Property manager.

First, it's important to remember that service providers have busy schedules and may not be available to respond immediately. It's always a good idea to follow up with a polite message to ensure that they received your initial message. 

Another thing to consider is the level of verification of the service provider. Providers who have verified their phone number and email address are more likely to receive and respond to messages. We encourage homeowners to prioritize providers who have completed the verification process.

Finally, we recommend reaching out to multiple service providers to ensure that you find the right match for your needs. By contacting several providers and scheduling interviews, you can increase your chances of receiving a response and finding the perfect provider for your short-term rental property.

Booking an interview with a service provider on CoHostMarket is a simple and convenient process. Homeowners have two options to book an interview with a service provider:

  1. Visit the service provider's profile: Browse through service providers' profiles and select the management package that best fits your needs. Once selected, click on "Book Interview," which will redirect you to the checkout page to pay the $5 interview service fee.

  2. Use the Inbox chat feature: Initiate a chat with a service provider. From the Inbox chat, click on the "Interview Request" button to complete the payment of the $5 interview service fee.

Please note that when purchasing a one-time payment package, no contact information will be shared between users. Homeowners will be charged a 4% commission fee on all one-time payment purchases from service providers.

At Hostpro Market, we prioritize maintaining a secure and productive marketplace for all our service providers and clients. In line with this, we have established regulations to govern user conduct on our platform. This article outlines the potential reasons for account suspension and explains the two categories of suspension that exist on Hostpro Market.


Why might an account be suspended on Hostpro Market?

An account might be suspended on Hostpro Market for various reasons, including but not limited to, violations of our community standards or terms of service. The objective is to foster a safe and positive environment for all our users.


What are the types of account suspensions on Hostpro Market?

Temporary Restriction

Under this category, the account undergoes a review period during which:

  • The account is temporarily restricted.
  • Users can log in to their accounts, withdraw funds, and complete existing projects.
  • Users cannot send or receive new orders or messages.
  • Service listings will be hidden from the marketplace, prohibiting new orders.
  • The review period can exceed 90 days, at the end of which the account might either be restored or permanently suspended.
  • Customer support will not have the capacity to influence or update on the review's timeframe.


What might lead to receiving a warning or account suspension on Hostpro Market?

Accounts may receive warnings or face suspension due to a range of violations including, but not limited to:


Incomplete Profile or Missing Mandatory Information: All profiles should be filled out with accurate information. Failing to provide mandatory details can lead to warnings or account suspension.


Sharing Contact Details: Sharing contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or any other direct communication links openly on your profile or in chats is prohibited to maintain the security and privacy of our users.


Attempting to Transact Off the Platform: Engaging in transactions outside the Hostpro Market platform is a serious violation as it undermines the integrity of our marketplace and can lead to account suspension.

Non-Responsive Behavior: Not responding to buyer requests promptly, or at all, reflects poorly on service providers. Consistent non-responsiveness can attract warnings and possibly lead to account restriction.


Excessive Order Cancellations: Canceling orders too frequently can lead to warnings, disrupting the smooth operation of services on the platform and hindering the trust-building process between service providers and clients.


Receiving Numerous Low Ratings or Complaints: Accumulating a high number of low ratings or receiving numerous complaints from buyers may signal unsatisfactory service delivery. This can lead to warnings, with the potential for account suspension if the issue persists.

We urge all users to adhere strictly to the Hostpro Market terms of service and community guidelines to maintain a healthy, trustworthy, and professional working environment. Service providers can build a prosperous and long-lasting relationship with their clients on Hostpro Market by working responsibly and respecting the platform's rules.


Permanent Suspension

  • This involves:
  • A permanent ban where users can't log back into their accounts.
  • This occurs after serious violations of Hostpro Market's terms of service.
  • Service providers with pending withdrawals must wait for 90 days to access their funds. An automated email will be sent allowing a 7-day window for fund withdrawal.
  • Clients with funds in their Hostpro Market balance will be refunded immediately.


How does the warning system work at Hostpro Market?

The warning system operates as follows:

  • First warning: A reminder of Hostpro Market's terms of service with an advisory on adhering to the platform’s rules to avoid restrictions.
  • Second warning (same violation): The account faces temporary restriction.
  • Second warning (different violation): The account is subject to restriction.
  • Three warnings (varied violations): The account is temporarily restricted, initiating the review period.


What happens during the temporary restriction review period?

During the review:

  • Users retain access to active orders and communication channels.
  • Funds that have cleared or are due to be cleared remain accessible for withdrawal.
  • This period is a grace window to demonstrate adherence to Hostpro Market’s policies.


Why does Hostpro Market employ a warning system?

Hostpro Market is committed to educating its users on the platform’s rules and fostering a community where all service providers and clients can thrive. The warning system is a tool to inform and guide users on maintaining standard practices and avoiding repeated offenses, which might lead to removing their account from the marketplace.

At Hostpro, we are committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and professionalism in our marketplace. To uphold these standards, our verification team meticulously reviews every profile to ensure it meets our established criteria and adheres to our terms of service.

This is a manual process, grounded in diligence to foster a secure and trustworthy platform for all our users.

The duration for this approval process can vary based on the subscription plan you have chosen. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free Subscription: For users on the free subscription plan, the approval process can take up to 7 working days. We encourage users to use this time to review their profiles and ensure that all the necessary details are accurately filled in, meeting the platform's standards.

  • Premium or PRO Subscription: Users under these subscription tiers benefit from expedited approval, with profiles being reviewed within a span of 24 hours. Our team works round the clock to facilitate quick approvals for our premium and PRO subscribers, helping them to start offering their services as swiftly as possible.

Please note that despite the expedited process for premium users, every profile undergoes a thorough review to maintain the platform's integrity. The timelines mentioned are the maximum periods, and we often approve profiles much sooner.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this verification period. Rest assured, this process is designed to build a safe and reputable marketplace that facilitates successful collaborations.

Changing Your Email Address

To update the email address associated with your Hostpro Market account, please follow these easy steps:

Sign in to your Hostpro Market account.
Navigate to 'Profile' and select the 'Trust and Verification' section.
Find the 'Email' field and enter your new email address.
Hit 'Save' to apply the changes.
A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address. Open it and click on the provided link to finalize the change.

What If I Cannot Access My Registered Email Account?

If you are unable to access the email account initially linked to your Hostpro profile, you can alternatively use phone verification to authenticate the change of email:

Add phone verification details to your Hostpro account in the 'Trust and Verification' section.
Verify the added phone number through an SMS code that will be sent to your number.
Utilizing this verified phone number, you can proceed to change your email address successfully.

Updating Your Phone Number

To add or change the phone number linked to your Hostpro Market account, perform the following actions:

Log in to your Hostpro Market account.
Click on 'Profile' found in the main menu and select 'Trust and Verification.'
Follow the guided steps to verify your new phone number using either an SMS code or a verification phone call.
Once verified, your phone number will be updated in your Hostpro profile.

In Case of Locked Out Situations

If you find yourself unable to access your Hostpro account, your registered email, and your associated phone number, do not worry. Reach out to our Customer Support Team, who are ready to assist you in resolving the issue and regaining access to your account.

Welcome to HostPro Market, your trusted platform connecting digital service providers with clients globally. Dive into an ecosystem where services are termed 'Engagements,' facilitating a seamless and efficient transaction process for both service providers and clients. Let's break down how you can start and succeed on HostPro Market:

Engagements and Service Packaging

In HostPro Market, service providers create 'Engagements' to offer their skills and services at a set starting price. To further appeal to diverse client needs, providers can design Engagement Packages, offering different service tiers with varying price points, allowing clients to choose a package that best suits their requirements.

Joining HostPro Market

Registration on HostPro Market is complimentary, granting users immediate access to browse and purchase services as clients. To unlock the potential as a service provider:

  1. Ensure a complete profile setup showcasing your skills accurately.
  2. Browse the variety of categories available and identify where your expertise lies.
  3. Commence selling by following the provided guidance on creating an outstanding provider profile.

Remember that all aspiring service providers undergo a review process during registration and Engagement creation, adhering to HostPro Market's quality assurance policy.

Becoming a Top Provider

Successful providers on HostPro Market often share these traits:

  1. A 100% complete and articulate profile.
  2. Well-detailed Engagements that avoid ambiguities and clearly define the services offered.
  3. Showcasing top-quality samples that genuinely represent their skills and expertise.

Provider Tip: Enhance your earnings by proposing additional services during the order process. Understand your client's needs and demonstrate how your skills can fulfill their objectives, maintaining transparent communication to align expectations continually.

Reputation Through Ratings

As you satisfy and even surpass clients' expectations, they will reward you with positive ratings, enhancing your reputation and encouraging future clients to choose your services.

Transaction and Compensation

HostPro Market safeguards clients' payments, holding funds in escrow until the successful completion of an Engagement. Upon delivery and approval, service providers receive depending of their subcription % service fee between 15 to 20% , a rewarding structure designed to appreciate your hard work and skill.

For instance, for a $100 service, providers will secure an $80 payment upon successful order completion. For a deeper understanding of the payment dynamics, refer to our Terms of Service.


At HostPro Market, we are dedicated to enhancing the short-term rental and Airbnb co-hosting industry by offering a myriad of online services tailored to meet the dynamic needs of this market. Below are the services freelancers are permitted to offer on HostPro Market:

1. Property Management and Co-hosting Services

  • Property Listing Optimization: Enhancing listings to attract a higher number of guests.
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies: Offering strategies to optimize pricing and boost revenue.
  • Guest Communication Management: Managing guest inquiries and communications effectively.
  • Check-in and Checkout Coordination: Facilitating a seamless check-in and checkout process for guests.
  • Maintenance Coordination: Handling routine maintenance and urgent repairs efficiently.

2. Consultations, Training, and Development

  • Online Consultations via Zoom: Providing expert advice on various aspects of the short-term rental industry.
  • Airbnb Training Programs: Organizing detailed training programs to educate new hosts on the best practices of Airbnb hosting.
  • Airbnb Online Courses: Offering comprehensive online courses for mastering different facets of Airbnb hosting.

3. Marketing and Promotion

  • Vacation Rental Marketing: Crafting and implementing marketing strategies for vacation rentals.
  • SEO for Rental Listings: Enhancing the search visibility of rental listings.
  • Social Media Management: Curating and handling social media campaigns to boost property visibility.

4. Content Creation and Resources

  • Airbnb Welcome Book and House Manual Templates: Creating informative and welcoming resources for guests.
  • Travel Guides: Crafting detailed guides to help guests explore the local area.
  • House Manual E-Books: Developing e-books to provide guests with all the necessary property and area information.

5. Direct Booking and Channel Management

  • Direct Booking Website Creation: Designing websites to facilitate direct bookings for properties.
  • Channel Manager Connection: Integrating various distribution channels to streamline booking management.
  • Direct Booking Management: Handling all aspects of direct booking, including guest communications and payment processing.

6. Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Airbnb Accounting: Offering specialized accounting services for Airbnb hosts.
  • Airbnb Bookkeeping: Managing financial records proficiently to keep the business running smoothly.
  • Spreadsheet Trackers: Creating spreadsheet trackers to help hosts monitor their business performance efficiently.

7. Digital Products and Educational Materials

  • E-books: Authoring e-books on topics like Airbnb hosting tips, property maintenance, and business strategies.
  • Templates and Checklists: Providing templates and checklists to help streamline operations in property management.

Note: All services offered should strictly adhere to HostPro Market’s terms of service, emphasizing professionalism and relevance to the short-term rental industry.