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CoHostMarket is an online sharing platform that allows Airbnb rental owners to hire a professional co-host to oversee the day-to-day management of their property. The services that a co-host can enact are numerous and may include the complete management of the Airbnb listing, guests welcoming, cleaning services, etc. It is therefore the perfect solution if you wish to delegate a part of your activities while retaining a large share of income.

As a homeowner our website allows you to find and interview a variety of service providers depending on the work you need help with to run your vacation property whether it be creating a new listing, hiring a cleaning company to a virtual assistant.


Our platform allows you to search for these individuals or companies in one centralized place instead of jumping to multiple sites in search of the right person. As a Service Provider our platform allows you to advertise your skills and offerings to potential homeowners.

At the moment, it is 100% free to sign-up as a homeowner on our platform, but some fees do exist. The only way to access a service provider's contact information is by setting up an interview and paying our $5 fee. Should you also decide to pay out a service provider for completed work via our platform, you’ll pay a small commission fee for this service too.

If you don’t already have a Service Provider account on CHM, your first step will be setting up an account. Once your profile has been approved, you’ll be visible on our site for homeowners to contact you.


See our Subscription options as not all memberships allow you to contact a homeowner directly. Remember that your profile is like a CV/Resume so you’ll want it to be very well written and describe all your skills and experience.

How do I find a house owner if I wish to manage a property

No not necessarily as some of our Service Providers such as cleaners, don’t have an Airbnb account. However, if you do have an Airbnb account in your name or company it’s beneficial to add this link to your profile account and mention it in communication with homeowners and in your profile description.

If a homeowner has agreed to pay you directly through our site, you’ll have the option of Stripe, Paypal. Please see our commission fee structure here. Homeowners and co-hosts are free to use the payment method they preferred as it was negotiated by both parties.

We are also providing the option for homeowners to pay their co-host directly using their CoHostMarket account. Once the money has been credited to their account, it will then be possible for the co-host to request a money transfer. The payment will be made directly to Bank account (Local Bank Transfer) but also Paypal account or Payonner account.

Absolutely. Once your profile is created, you will be able to add different types of packages to customize your services and to make it more attractive to homeowners.   However, all service packages will be validated by our team for legal reasons as we wish to protect both parties.

As per our privacy policy / terms and conditions, we are not responsible for any dispute that can happen between homeowner and service provider.

All users of our platform, whether they are homeowners or service providers, will be held responsible for their actions. You can submit a dispute ticket and our team can evaluate the situation on a case by case basis.

Absolutely. Our platform is aimed at all homeowners of rental homes worldwide and service providers from all countries with no discrimination based on the country of origin.

Homeowners and co-hosts are free to use the payment method they preferred as it was negotiated by both parties.

We are also providing the option for home owners to pay their co-host directly using their CoHostMarket account. Once the money has been credited to their account, it will then be possible for the co-host to request a money transfer. The payment will be made directly to Bank account (USA only) but also Paypal account or Payonner account.


Words speak for themselves and it is up to both parties to clarify this financial agreement. However, a sales-based commission is likely to be much more rewarding and motivating for a service provider.


This is something you must take into consideration if you’re planning on growing your Airbnb business. On the other hand, a fixed-price deal will bring greater income stability to the co-host and the cost management is going to be much easier for the homeowner to budget. The decision is yours! Note: If you’ve set a fixed rate and an owner selects your “Buy it now” package and pays via the platform we do take a commission. Review our Terms & Condition.

Yes. We always encourage our homeowners and service providers to communicate on our platform before an interview or purchasing a package. If you as a Service Provider are not accepting new jobs, it's in your best interest to “deactivate” your account until you’re available again.

You will simply have to accept the offer on your account dashboard in PENDING INTERVIEW tabs in order to complete the purchased package from the homeowner in the duration of time they have selected.

CoHostMarket offer 3 different types of co-hosting membership:

# 1 – BASIC - (Free)

This a slow submission it can take up to 30 days for your profile to show up in search results. Unable to contact homeowner directly

# 2 – PREMIUM 

This plan will cost you $49 per year and your profile will be approved in 48hrs and appear in search results. Ability to contact homeowners.

# 3 – PRO

At $149/per year, this membership includes a fast approval process 24H then appears in search results. Ability to contact homeowners.


There are several reasons that can explain this situation. It is possible that no apartment is available for rent in your area, for example. If it’s the case, we recommended being patient and checking on a regular basis if new properties are listed. In addition, it is always worthwhile to make sure that your profile is as complete as possible.

An interesting introduction and a winning description of your skills will greatly increase your chances. Finally, it is always a good idea to add a photo to your profile as it is important to know who we are dealing with especially when hiring a manager who will take care of your place.

We recommend that you check for new listings on a regular basis in your area on CoHostMarket. First come, first served is the key to success and this is also the case on our platform. The way you present yourself as a manager is also very important. Always give a professional image and pay attention to the quality of your English when writing at any time.

While we don’t require our service providers to submit their ID’s for verification, we do strongly encourage them for several reasons.


The first is that it builds trust on our platform and second, if you verify your phone, email and ID you’ll get a fully verified badge on your profile account for owners to see. 

Yes! Being a Virtual Airbnb Co-host or Virtual Assistant is becoming more and more popular as homeowners see the added benefit of having someone online to assist in many day-to-day tasks without being physically present.


If you’re going to offer online services, it’s a good idea to purchase Add-ons so that you have more visibility in search results.

If you want to advertise your logo in your profile and have your business name as your username then PRO is the best option.


Having a PRO account means that you’ll appear in the top search results, visibility in up to 10 locations across the globe, ability to contact homeowners and more. You can review our subscriptions here. Click Here to view our different package available 

Because we’re not the ones officially hiring you, its important that you do your own research on the regulations/requirements of your city. We are not responsible.

  1. Basic user can go up to 20km / Miles per location
  2. Premium can go up to 30km / Up to 5 Location
  3. PRO can go up to 50km / Up to 10 Location


This means that your account is still under review and awaiting approval. You can see our subscriptions page here to better understand the timeframe for approving a profile. If you haven’t yet verified your email or selected 1 or more “packages” then your account will continue to show “status pending” as these are 2 requirements needed to approve a profile.


Also keep in mind that your profile will show “Status Pending” if you have used a business name as your username and not paid for our PRO subscription as Basic and Premium members cannot do this.

There's many reasons that factor into not being contacted by a homeowner.


Think of your profile like a CV or Resume, you want it to be well written and reflect your experience, current services. Many of our homeowners also feel safer contacting a service provider that's fully verified vs only having a verified email.

If you have a paid subscription and still find it difficult to find work you-set up a phone call with our experienced sales team for tips and tricks. 


 You not forget to check our blog for usuful information: 

Tips: How to Market Your Co-Host Profile Effectively

You can select your subscription after registering as a service provider. Just make sure you’re logged into your account-select profile then under personal info you’ll see “Membership” here you can select which one works best for you or your company.

To Accept or Decline an interview from a Homeowner you must login to your CohostMarket Account and go to the “Manage Interviews” tab.


From here you can see the interview status/view message. Please note that you have only 48hrs to accept or decline before it expires. We expect our service providers to respond to these interview requests quickly. 

Here some of the most common reason why you can verify your phone number:


  1. Can the phone number you provided receive SMS?
  2. Did you try verifying with a phone call request instead of an SMS?
  3. Make sure you have selected the correct country code that's connected to your SIM card

We only refund a Paid subscription if the account is still pending approval, if your profile has already been approved by our verification team then a refund is not granted. Please review our Terms and Conditions.

There's several reasons you might not have verified your email address/ selected packages yet to trigger our system to verify your profile.


Another reason could be that the I.D you provided doesn’t match the name on the service provider account or you haven’t sent in the correct government I.D-Passport or Government I.D such as Drivers License. 

If the main account owner is under a different name, then you won’t be granted a Superhost badge. The Superhost Bagde is given to users whose own profile shows a superhost status and it matches with the name on your Cohost Market account.

Premium members can have their profiles reviewed every 30 days

Pro members can have their profiles reviewed every 60 days

Basic members can have their profiles reviewed every 90 days

This is beneficial because your Airbnb profile may have more reviews or you recently got superhost status, thus you’ll get a badge if you’re a paid member.

If you’re a cleaning company you’ll want to register as a service provider then create packages tailored to the work you offer. You can check our subscriptions here to see if you prefer our basic membership or a paid version that does allow you to contact homeowners directly.

Your response rate is gaged on how quickly your reply to homeowners messages and if you decline multiple interview requests. We strongly urge our service providers to “deactivate” their accounts if they are currently unavailable to accept more jobs as this will keep your account from having a lower response rate.

Here our Youtube Video Tutorial explaining the step by step to find your Airbnb Profile URL

 You can also use the following steps to find your Airbnb Profile URL


  1. Login your Airbnb Account and click on Hosting in your Airbnb account
  2. On the right corner click you profile picture and then select Profile 
  3. Then copy and past your Airbnb Profile URL in form


Your Airbnb Profile URL will show same as this

 NOTE: We only accept Airbnb profile which are under the same profile name as your Cohostmarket account.

Our Add-ons are intended for service providers who offer their services in multiple locations. For instance our PRO membership only allows you to ADD up to 10 locations, but what if you or your company are actually present in 15 locations.

Another example is a Virtual Assistant who wants to appear in the entire USA or Spain to increase their chances of being hired, you can do that. 

This means that the service provider must set up a One time payment option for a package. The homeowner can buy that package instantly then the payment is held in “escrow” until the homeowner has marked the project has been completed.


Once the homeowner has done this the money is transferred to the service provider's wallet and they can request a payout at any time (minus 10% commission fee). If the homeowner is not satisfied with the completed project then the homeowner can cancel and open a ticket in reference to the dispute.


In that case, the money wouldn’t be transferred to the service provider yet.

 Login to your CohostMarket account and you’ll see the dashboard display with multiple tabs. Select the “Account” tab then select deactivate account.