I will be your virtual assistant and communicate with customers on your behalf

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I am a virtual assistant and co-host looking to help manage an Airbnb; I provide virtual customer service and support and assist the primary host with keeping track of their calendar and tasks. 

Depending on the plan the customer requested, I also assist the customer with bookings, revisions, and any other inquiries that they might have.

As an assistant to the primary host, I will assist in all tasks related to Airbnb and anything related to customers interested in booking or leasing the Airbnb. I provide virtual customer care services and aid, and some of my services are 24/7, while others are not due to the time differences and possible lengths it may take to complete a task.

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10 Days $ 200.00
10 Days $ 100.00

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  • Depends on the order although minimum wait is typically 5-10 days, it will be less depending on the services requested and required
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Basic $ 150.00

I will assist customers with any enquiries mentioned in my services list

  • Assistance
  • Booking
10 Days Delivery You won’t be charged yet
Premium $ 200.00

Assist with enquiries and online bookings

  • Customer service
  • Booking assistance
  • 24/7 Enquiries
7 Days Delivery You wan't be change yet
Professional $ 500.00

I will tend to tenant enquiries and provide assistance

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Virtual assistance
  • Virtual meeting
6 Days Delivery You wan't be change yet


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