Simplify Turnover by Hiring a Reliable Cleaning Service Company

by Cohostmarket

How much do people care about hygiene and cleanliness? According to most surveys, they care about these things a lot. Ipsos says that 92% of all Americans say that cleanliness is very important to them, while 99% say that they put effort into staying clean themselves. Knowing this, you cannot overestimate how important it is for you to keep your short-term rental property clean. This is the one factor that will destroy your business before any other does. If you want to run yourself bankrupt – by why would you want to do that? – simply ignore your property’s deteriorating condition. If, on the other hand, you want to run a business that is successful. You need to take cleanliness into account.


Many people hear this advice and think that they need to get on their hands and knees. And scrub down their bathroom after every check-out. This is not the case, though. You do not need to clean your property yourself. In fact, it would be entirely inefficient for you to take care of your own cleaning duties. This is something that you should leave to the professionals. Hiring a cleaning service to come into your property on a regular basis.



If you think that cleaning companies are outside your price range, try shopping around a little. The prices that you hear may surprise you, but instead of focusing on the value of this service as a dollar-figure, focus on the intangible benefits of hiring a cleaning service. When you work with a reliable cleaning service, you know that your cleanliness will always be up to professional standards. This will help your property stand out on Airbnb, generating more positive feedback and motivating other guests to book you.


Are you following the logic here? By hiring a reliable cleaning service, you can improve your booking conversions – and improve your occupancy rates. This means that you will fill up more of the spaces on your calendar and generate more revenue for your short-term rental business. Your cleaning service will also keep you in line with Airbnb’s standards, which state that “You should not provide spaces with sub-standard cleanliness”.



As a business owner, you need to think about optimization. How long are you spending on this task and that one? What is all this costing you? How can you do better? These are all questions that you should ask every single day, and as you ask them, you will realize that the expense of hiring a reliable cleaning service for your short-term rental property is simply a cost of doing business. Improving your service offering and simplifying your turnover, you can position yourself competitively in your local market, all while saving yourself time and effort doing something that someone else can do better than you can.

Hiring a cleaning service: it is not just a good idea but a necessary step if you are taking your Airbnb business seriously.


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