Inactive Account

Navigating the Inactive Status of Your Profile?

Welcome to CoHostMarket. To ensure the highest standards of integrity and security, every new registration undergoes a thorough approval process. This is crucial for maintaining a trustworthy community and preventing any fraudulent activities.

Why Your Account May Be Inactive:

Email Verification: Essential for profile activation. Ensure your email is verified by checking for our verification mail in your inbox, spam, or junk folders.

Profile Description: Your profile should uniquely represent your services. Note: FREE and PREMIUM users cannot mention company names or personal contacts. Non-compliance leads to profile inactivity.

Package Selection: Choosing at least one package is necessary for activation. Absence of a package selection delays the process.

Username Guidelines: PRO members may use business names. Basic and Premium members must use personal names for user identification.

Profile Image: A clear, professional image is required. Company logos are exclusive to PRO users; usage by Basic or Premium members results in inactivity.

Location Accuracy: Ensure your location/address is accurate. Inaccurate or vague details can delay activation.

Post-Verification: Once your details are verified and authenticated, your account status will change from 'INACTIVE' to active, making your profile visible on our platform.

Please note: Due to the high volume of registrations, the approval process for FREE SUBSCRIPTION users may extend up to 30 days. If you need assistance or a guide to complete your profile, our team is ready to help. Visit our tutorial section for step-by-step instructions.

Every registration must go through an approval process. Our Team checks the registration details to ensure that the information you provided is legitimate and protects against fraudulent accounts.  We strongly recommend our new members complete their user-profiles and submit all verification (Email, Phone Number, I.D) upon sign-up as this process can take time. While your profile may be "INACTIVE," you can still add additional information about yourself. Once your user profile has been approved and verified by our Team, your profile will appear in our platform's search results.

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