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Hi, I'm Brittany

Lives in York County
Looking For Property Manager
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Job Type Looking For Part Time


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Property Manager or Airbnb Co-Host in Porter, ME, USA

I have a cabin in Porter, Maine that I need a property manager for. It was purchased 2 years ago but I have not had water turned on at all yet and some renovations and updates are needed. It has electricity and wifi. My insurance company requires the manager be located within 10 miles of the Cabin. Please contact me if you are within 10 miles from Porter, ME.  Read More

  • Property Types: Cabins
  • Commission: Per booking
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • BathRooms: 1
  • Handle Reservation
  • Restock Essential & Supplies
  • Handle Online Reservations
  • +13 More

Expire On : 18-04-2025

Posted : 1 Month ago

Location :Oxford County, United States

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Estimated Budget

5% Commission Per Booking

Brittany's Hosting Style

Maine Vacation Rentals & Property Management

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