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Hi, I'm Kyle

Lives in St. Louis
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
Hosting since ---
Job Type Looking For Part Time


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Kyle's Hosting Style

Hello my name is Kyle, and I'm looking for a co-host in the St. Louis Missouri area. I'm hosting a 3 bed 2 bath full home.

Basic duties would include inspection of the property ensure the best experience for guests (confirming cleanliness of the space, ensuring there's adequate linens, replenishing soaps and any guest cleaning supplies).

Kyle Job Offer!

Airbnb Co-Host / Property Manager in St Louis, Missouri, USA

15% Per booking

Basic duties include: Inspecting the property for cleanliness. Making sure household items are accounted for. Restocking consumables (soaps, linens, pillowcases, blankets, guest cleaning supplies, ect.

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Expire On : 26-05-2024

Posted : 9 Month ago

Location :St. Louis, United States

Need Co-Host

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