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Hi, I'm Crystal

Lives in Harris County
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Crystal's Hosting Style

Hi! I'm Crystal. I currently work full time in the UX & product design field and have now branched into reesidential hospitality. I'm taking my background in UX and design to craft new types of experiences for our guests in the STR market. So far, I have 3 in Houston and look to add more on this journey for modern hospitality. I will be looking for a cohost to join the team that is creative, values customer service and the customer experience above all. 

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Looking for a CoHost in Houston, TX, USA

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Hi! I'm looking for a cohost who values customer service and the guest experience in Houston. I have 3 units that are doing great so far and would love for that to continue with someone who would be dedicated to creating the best experiences. I need a cohost that can respond to guests and provid e valued service. As well as, coordinate with cleaners and replenish/restock items such as toiletries and other essentials for the kitchen. I mostly work with long-term stays so there's normally no back and forth for restocking. I currently work full time and live in Dallas but occasionally come to Houston to check in on the units and make sure they're in top shape. If you're interested, please reach out to discuss the details further. Thanks! Read More

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