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Hi, I'm Thomas

Lives in Arlington County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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Frequent traveler looking for assistance getting set up with AirBnB for my home in Arlington VA. When I'm in the area I'll rent out my basement studio with a separate entrance on a short-term / med-term basis. When I'm traveling, I will rent out the entire home, three bedrooms with awesome office space for med-term ideally and possibly shorter-term. I could use some assistance with getting things set up for both scenarios and co-hosting when everything is set up. 

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Airbnb Set up & Co-hosting needed in Arlington, VA, USA

18% Per booking

Looking for assistance in setting up my Airbnb which will consist of a basement studio when I'm in my home, and renting out the entire home (three bedrooms & great office) when I am not at home. I'm usually gone at least 50% of the time. I need someone local who can address customer n eeds and resolve issues locally. I'm new to this so open to different approaches. I tentatively have a cleaner / turnover person lined up but this is flexible as well.  Read More

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Expire On : 11-04-2023

Posted : 13 Day ago

Location :Arlington County, United States

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