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Hi, I'm Timothy

Lives in Cuyahoga County
Looking For Property Manager
Hosting since ---
Job Type Looking For Part Time


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Property Manager or Airbnb Co-Host in Cleveland, OH, USA

I'm looking for a property manager or an Airbnb co-host to manage my property. I currently have two Airbnbs up and going and am working on two more. I need someone to coordinate cleaning, Setting up Codes (remotely) to get in, coordinate lawn service, Snow removal, and Cleaning. mai ntenance repairs etc. Setting rates to maximize revenue. basically, someone to manage the property or me. I have a cleaner and I pay her $30 an hour and it takes her 1 hour to clean most times.  Read More

  • Property Types: Houses
  • Commission: Per booking
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • BathRooms: 1
  • Restock Essential & Supplies
  • Coordinate House Cleaning
  • Airbnb Co-hosting
  • +3 More

Expire On : 01-01-1970

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5% Commission Per Booking

Timothy's Hosting Style

Hi! I have two airbnbs up and running and are workng on two more! All here in Cleveland and with in one mile of each other. Two are on the same street. I am looking for a property manager to mazimize my revenue, Reply to guests, Set up codes, Arrange cleaning/Lawn/Snow removl service, MAintence and help guest s if need anyting. Help me if I am amissing anyting! I have been doing this alone and hav a FT job. 

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