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Hi, I'm Kilian

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Kilian's Hosting Style

Looking for diligent, detail-oriented cohost for my Airbnb in Philadelphia. Cohost must be able to go on-site at least once per week to check on the property.

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Need a reliable, detail-oriented Co-Host in Philadelphia USA

13% Per booking

Hi there, We are looking for a reliable, detail-oriented cohost for our property in Philadelphia, PA. The ideal cohost (1) has experience managing short-term rental properties, (2) is local and able to come on-site in less than 30 min, (3) has a solid system in place for ca lendar and guest management, coordinating cleaners, replenishing consumables, etc. If you are successful at managing our short-term rental property, we will consider letting you manage our 10 other apartments (long-term rentals) as well. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Kilian Read More

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