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Hi, I'm Julie

Lives in Franklin County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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Julie's Hosting Style

We own a property in North Charleston, South Carolina and are looking for someone who can help us with SEO, pricing and increasing our bookings/revenue.  We wouldn't mind calender management and guest communication, but really need help with optimizing our listings on going.  We would like to get back onto Bookings.com but have spent a lot of time trying to do so.  Would like someone who could take dealing with listings platforms off our hands.

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Expert Co-Host PLUS Listing Optimization & Virtual Assistant

12% Per booking

We are looking for a co-host to help us with listing optimization across Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com, specifically how to get on the first page of searches and increase our RevPAR.  Other duties may include managing our channel management software, coordinating our cleaning services, and g uest communication.   Ideally, we would like the person to be familiar with the Charleston, SC market. Read More

  • Handle Reservation
  • Update Calendar & Pricing
  • Handle Online Reservations
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Expire On : 08-09-2024

Posted : 13 Day ago

Location :Charleston County, United States

Need Co-Host

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