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Hi, I'm Tiffany

Lives in Olmsted County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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Tiffany's Hosting Style

In search of airbnb property manager for my home in Rochester Minnesota! Will be looking to start renting property out come September in hosting a two bedroom one bath. Let's work as a team to super host those coming to the Rochester area! 

Tiffany Job Offer!

Airbnb Co-host/ Property Manager needed in Rochester, MN USA

20% Per booking

Searching for Airbnb Cohost to manage property while I am out of town. I travel for work and therefore am looking for a cohost in Rochester Minnesota whom will be available to handle cleaning service, restock supplies, laundry between guest stays, and guest needs while they are staying at the home.& nbsp; Read More

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  • Restock Essential & Supplies
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Expire On : 27-08-2022

Posted : 21 Day ago

Location :Olmsted County, United States

Need Co-Host

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