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Hi, I'm Ella

Lives in Harris County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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Ella's Hosting Style

Hi there - My business partner and I recently started our short-term leasing company in the Houston area and are looking for an experienced cohost to help us get things off the ground. We're looking for support with cleaning, guest services when needed, and inventory stocking. 

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Airbnb Co-host needed in Houston, TX, USA

15% Per booking

Looking for an Airbnb co-host to help manage property in Houston, TX. Will be a pretty light lift as we anticipate a long-term tenant. Support needed will be cleaning, inventory restocking, greeting guests to provide keys, and any other on-the-ground support (i.e. technical support, etc.) Let's discuss fees as the above will be on a case by case bases, Read More

  • Restock Essential & Supplies
  • Airbnb Co-hosting
  • Coordinate House Repairs

Expire On : 23-10-2022

Posted : 2 Day ago

Location :Harris County, United States

Need Co-Host

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