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Hi, I'm Charles

Lives in Travis County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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Hello I am a real estate investor with a 4 plex in Galveston, 3 units of which are rented out on AirBNB. My main job is as a geologist, and I live in Austin. I'm getting my PhD at UT currently so can't go to the house that often. 

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Local Property Management / Co-hosting (Galveston TX)

20% Per booking

Hello! I would like to hire a LOCAL co-host for my Galveston Airbnb units. I have 3 units in a historic 1890s mansion, all separate dwellings on the same property, that would need to be managed. I want the partner to handle maintenance calls and coordination with home warranty/contractors etc, guest communications, scheduling routine work like yard care, cross-listing on VRBO, FlipKey,, etc, and optimizing occupancy and revenue of the three listings. I'm open to either a flat-fee structure monthly or a commission. I am currently a super host but want to drive higher revenue growth overall and make the ownership process less time-consuming. Thanks! Read More

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