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What is

The gold mine lies on your technological devices’ screens

Managing properties might seem profitable but involves arduous responsibilities. While many property managers are happy with the profits, they are full of sorrow and fatigue because they have overworked themselves by managing many properties all alone. 

However, rest assured because the gold mine lies on your technological devices’ screens – is a platform designed to help property managers they may use their profits to enjoy themselves. CohostMarket is the ideal link between STR (Short-Term Rental) Property Owners and Professional rental managersAirbnb Co-host, or, why not, even a cleaning company. is a trusted community marketplace that helps you to find services where you can manage your properties remotely, and through virtual assistants – hence technology neophytes can relax because the professional virtual assistants at CohostMarket will manage your properties perfectly.

How to get started as a Virtual Assistant

You are just one click away to get started on CohostMarket. You must first complete the easy registration process, either as a service provider or a property owner.  As a property owner, you are seeking a service provider to assist you in managing and caring for your property both locally and internationally. 

On the other hand, as a service provider, you will have access to homeowners. Once your profile is complete and validated, you can navigate the website to find what you’re looking for.

Short-term rental (STR) Virtual Assistant 

The words “STR Virtual Assistant” might seem daunting to those who are not tech-savvy, but it is in fact an innovative service provided by and it is the most salient to consumers.

The neophytes might wonder why this service is important for property management, and in the cohost market. Well, the existing clients believe that using a virtual assistant as an Airbnb co-host is one of the innovative ways that enable them to manage their properties with the help of modern technology.

An STR virtual assistant is, simply, someone that will help property owners to manage their properties virtually/remotely in a more efficient and effective way. Virtual assistants can be based anywhere in the world. 

The virtual assistance provided at offers a unique experiential aspect to the property owners. Looking towards the future, it is likely there will be property owners Hiring STR Virtual Assistants, and not local co-hosts. 

To hire a virtual assistant, or to not hire a virtual assistant? That is the question

It can be difficult to decide whether to work with a co-host. Who can you trust and where do you begin? And, if you have decided to hire a virtual assistant and try online management, there might be concerns because they will be managing what may be your most precious asset, after all. 

Hiring a virtual assistant at CohostMarket may be the answer to reclaiming some free time as our lives get busier by the day. The services provided at CohostMarket have been designed to help property managers and homeowners outsource their hosting responsibilities to co-hosts for short-term rental properties.

CohostMarket provides a myriad of trusted STR Virtual Assistants. The hosts/property owners may select a virtual assistant by scrutinising the latter’s profile. The website provides all information about the virtual assistant, including their name, country, services they provide, and most importantly, their rating by other property managers. CohostMarket allows its users to sort and filter by the co-hosts’ fees, response time, and services. Furthermore, the website fully verifies the identity, address, and phone number of the co-hosts to protect their users. 

Let’s have a look at the services that a virtual assistant may provide you as a co-host for your Airbnb business:

  • Update calendar and pricing. 
  • Create new listings.
  • Handle online reservations.
  • Review guests.
  • Messaging with guests.
  • Respond to guests’ issues.
  • Airbnb Co-hosting
  • STR Virtual Assistant
  • Airbnb Superhost
  •  STR Property Manager
  • Answer Phone Call
  •  Managing Client Inquiries
  • Managing Guest Complaints
  • Contact Customer service
  •  Airbnb Personal Coach
  •  Channel Management
  • Confirm Booking Requests
  •  Creating Check-In Guideline
  •  Occupancy Optimization
  • Property Description Creation allows you to connect with many professional and experienced co-hosts/ property managers in its virtual community to seek the aforementioned services and you will eventually establish a strong host and co-host members relationship – hence increasing operational expertise.

There are also many property management packages available on, and that, too, at reasonable prices. You will be pleasantly astounded by the professional property management co-hosting services provided. 

Pros of Virtual Assistant and online management 

  1. More free time to enjoy the profits earned

Managing an Airbnb takes up 30% to 40% of your valuable time – hence you barely have the time to enjoy the profits earned. It all adds up and starts taking its toll mentally and physically. Finally, hiring a virtual assistant at will be a game-changer for you as they will perform the required tasks for you, and you can then relax or invest in another profitable project.

  1. Work out a pricing strategy 

The existing clients on our website had mentioned that one of the most difficult parts of an Airbnb business is setting the prices. However, everything became easy when they hired a virtual assistant. 

The knowledgeable and experienced co-host provides you with pricing tools and guidelines. Everything is going to run smoothly, and as a property manager, you will be surprised to learn the profits earned. 

  1. Co-Hosts have their own maintenance & cleaning crew

Airbnb entrepreneurs will be elated to learn that the virtual co-hosts might also organise a maintenance and cleaning crew that is always available when needed.

For example, if you get a call at 11 pm from a guest saying there is no electricity, your virtual co-host will handle this issue immediately and effectively. 

  1. Identity Verification 


We believe “to hire a virtual co-host, or not to hire a virtual co-host?” should not be a question now. Innovative, driven owners of short-term rental agencies have a ton of options to succeed by utilising our ingenious platform because it is user-friendly and intuitive.


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