The Best Tools to Help Manage and Optimize your Property

by Cohostmarket

Best Tools to Help Manage and Optimize. Running an Airbnb can be a challenge at the best of times. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tools and services that can help you to streamline your business and make your life easier. With so many online resources to choose from, we have come up with our top picks to help you get the most out of your Airbnb.



Best Tools to Help Manage and Optimize, if your Airbnb listing falling flat and isn’t getting as many bookings as you would like, then this is the product for you. Danny at Optimizemybnb is an expert at Airbnb SEO and can whip your listing into shape. He even offers a satisfaction guarantee.

The website also offers additional services on top of listing optimizing such as templates, checklists, social media promotion, house manuals, and even phone consultations.

Key Features

  • Higher occupancy and booking rate
  • Customized SEO report of your listing
  • Increased nightly rates
  • Superhost optimization averages a 627% return of your nightly rate within 7 days


There are 3 optimization packages on offer each with different features. The first package is for Airbnb startups and costs $100. The Advanced Host Optimization features custom advice to improve your listing and comes in as $150. And finally, the Superhost Listing Optimization with a full custom listing and report which costs $300.



iGMS is perfect for hosts that have multiple listings over many different platforms. Their software is designed to keep all your messages, calendars, and booking all together in one place.

Along with their fully automated messaging service and co-host team management, this well-thought-out software will save you time and money.

Key Features

  • Single inbox for all chats with custom templates
  • Multiple account management from one dashboard
  • Automated triggered messaging
  • Team management – Assign tasks to cleaners, co-hosts etc
  • Smart pricing automation


iGMS have 3 different pricing packages available. The free plan is available to hosts for up to 4 properties. The PRO plan is $18USD per month, per property and finally, the Flexible Plan which will cost hosts $1 per night booked.



Hostfully is an award-winning all-in-one hosting software that helps to streamline and organize all your properties into one platform. True to its name, you can fully host all aspects of your vacation rental from one dashboard.

They also offer a direct booking site that you can customize as well as an upselling platform where you can charge guests for services like early check-ins or additional cleaning visits.

Key Features

  • One central calendar
  • A direct booking site with payment processing
  • An upselling option to charge for early check-ins etc.
  • The management team can collaborate in the one spot
  • Excellent reporting and analytics across all platforms


The packages on offer are the Starter, Pro, and Premium. The starter package costs $79 per month for up to 4 listings. The Pro package is $189 for up to 19 properties and the Premium starts at $250 per month for 20 listings and goes up by $12 for each additional listing thereafter.



Designed specifically for vacation rental professionals, Lodgify offers hosts not only multi-platform management software, but also the ability to create their own website and take direct bookings.

Along with their website building software, you have access to their in-built booking system with easy-to-set-up credit card payments.

Key Features

  • Property management software across multiple platforms
  • Website builder to create direct commission-free bookings
  • Access to Lodgify booking software and payment system


Lodgify offers 3 pricing packages that differ by the number of properties you have and the length of time you subscribe for – There is a month-to-month package that starts at $40 per month for one property. The second package starts at $32 a month for a 1-year subscription and finally $30 per month for 2 years. All packages come with a 7-day no-obligation free trial.



Keynest is your one-stop solution for key storage and seamless guest check-ins. This service works by dropping your keys off at a nearby Keynest location. You then tell your guests which store your keys are in and they can pick them up from that location with a secure code. You can also use Keynest with your management staff.

Key Features

  • Keys are held in a secure location
  • SMS notifications when keys are picked up and dropped off
  • 24-hour guest check-in
  • Over 2800 Keynest locations


There are three pricing plans on offer and vary depending on how often you plan to use the service. You can pay per collection which costs $7.95, pay month to month for $22.95, or take out a yearly subscription and pay $19.95 per month. All plans come with online key tracking and 24/7 support.


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