Short-Term Rental Management: A New Gig Economy Favorite

We all love the gig economy. It gives us the flexibility needed to try new career paths, earn additional income, and grow our marketable skill sets. The latest addition to the gig economy co-hosting. Well, the term isn’t new, it one that can now be applied to Airbnb property management, and thanks to companies like CoHostMarket has never easier to begin.

What do,, and even all have in common? The answer: the gig economy. Like trusting someone to watch your dog, babysit your child, or even drive you home late at night. The dotcoms have joined the app revolution to help foster the lucrative gig economy. Co-hosting the new entry that creates a win-win scenario for the busy homeowner. Who wants to earn passive income from their short-term rental property. For the savvy entrepreneur, co-hosting offers the opportunity to grow management skills. Improve client relationships, and earn a decent income.

Short-Term Rental Management – What To Look For In A Co-Host.

A professional co-host is someone who is actively interested in helping you maximize your profits on your Airbnb listing. This individual is responsible for taking care of your property, leveraging the appropriate management tactics, and reducing the time you need to spend on your Airbnb listing. From handling guest communications to managing the property’s booking schedule to booking cleaning services, the co-host is dedicated to helping your guests have the optimal travel experiences. Fortunately, as with the majority of gig economy jobs, finding the right homeowner/co-host relationship is as easy as signing-in to trusted Airbnb short-term rental management platforms, such as CoHostMarket.

The intuitive digital marketplace is designed to help facilitate professional, yet personal, relationships between homeowners and Airbnb property managers, i.e. co-hosts. In fact, through easy-to-use features, geo-locational targeting, a five-star rating algorithm, and other tested features, the CoHostMarket platform succinctly streamlines the homeowner’s search process. The result is as easy as:

  1. Searching for a co-host;
  2. Communicating with the co-host to determine if he or she a good fit; and
  3. Sitting back and watching as their short-term rental quickly becomes a lucrative investment under the guiding hand of the co-host.

This mutually beneficial relationship what the gig economy all about. Also, the homeowner provides the product (the listing), the co-host provides the service (i.e. property management). Also, the end-user (the traveler) enjoys all of the benefits for a designated price per night. The best part about this symbiotic relationship that it staged for future growth opportunities.


Airbnb STR Property Management Services

Create A New Business Opportunity With Property management Services

Within all of us an entrepreneurial spirit. Harnessing this spirit is made easier when homeowners recognize the potential of co-hosting solutions. The benefits include:

  • A perfectly staged home that attracts guests with stunning photos and appropriate descriptions.
  • Increased guest satisfaction due to open and immediate communications.
  • Reduced property damage due to attentiveness, before and after walkthroughs, and preventative maintenance.
  • Higher ROI thanks to a professionally managed property. Also, a co-host who anticipates the needs of guests.
  • Improved passive income earnings, which creates the opportunity for additional real estate investments within the short-term rental market.

The above benefits and more can be enjoyed when homeowners join the gig economy by partnering with co-hosts to maximize profits, eliminate time-consuming property tasks, and turn listings into its-stay locations throughout the year. The key of course that if you want to enjoy these benefits then you need to throw your hat into the gig economy ring.

STR Management Are The Latest Addition To The Booming Gig Economy

The moral of the gig economy story simple, if you want to take advantage of the booming short-term rental market, then you need the help of professional Airbnb property managers.

In other words, you should turn to the expertise of a co-host to help elevate your property’s potential. By managing all its essential components. From handling guest interactions to completing minor repairs to hiring a cleaning crew. However, the right short-term rental property manager can help you turn your vacation. Or short-term rental into a money-making machine.
The best part about the latest addition to the gig economy is that you don’t have to waste hours searching Craigslist. Or hunting through the classifieds to try to find a reliable property manager. Instead, you can turn to the digital landscape and with it the new. Also improved CoHostMarket to find your tech-savvy. co-hosting genius, and short-term rental management guru. Who waiting to join the gig economy. And all the flexibility and high earning potential that it offers.