Chill Out and Thrive: How to Make Your Airbnb Business Stress Free

by Cohostmarket

Of all the small businesses that launched in 2014, just over half survived to see their fifth anniversaries. This may sound encouraging on its surface, but it also means that nearly half of all small businesses went belly-up within that time frame. Of course, this statistic says nothing of profitability, either, and Cinderella stories within any sector are few and far between. As you launch your Airbnb business, either as your main business or as a side hustle, you should consider the value of relaxation – not only for your guests but for yourself too. As you relax, you become more effective. Instead of just telling yourself to relax, though, give yourself some proof that you can relax.


Remember: there are always two ways to make a mistake, the easy way and the hard way. If you are feeling stressed out about your Airbnb business, you probably anxious about making your mistakes the hard way. The best way to cure yourself of this anxiety is to set yourself up for success and find the resources that you need to learn your lessons the easy way.


Learn from others.

When people are talking, listen to them. This may seem like simple advice, but it could mean a world of difference to you as you build your business. Everyone has something that they can teach you, some nugget of wisdom that they can impart, and unless you are paying attention to them, you are going to miss out on it. Learn from others and their experiences so that you do not need to repeat their mistakes.

Learn from Airbnb property manager expert


Seek out mentors.

Even better than learning from people’s mistakes is learning from their successes. Find someone who has already accomplished whatever it is that you want to accomplish and then offer them something to learn from them. Study their habits and their mindsets closely and then replicate what is working for them, even if it does not make sense to you right away. After all, you cannot expect to get a different result if you keep doing what you have always done.


Do your research and read some books.

You cannot beat the value that you find out of the best books. These are compendiums of knowledge and insight that some of the most talented and adept minds have compiled for you, and all you need to do is devote your time and attention to them. Reading great books about business (and Airbnb in particular), you will soak up the ideas that their authors have taken the time to put down onto the page for you. As a bonus, reading is a form of relaxation in and of itself!


Engage with Airbnb.

The support team at Airbnb is there to help you. Your success is their success, and they want to see your business thriving. From interesting statistics (500 million guest arrivals all-time) to personalized help, Airbnb offers much more than just their booking platform. You can reach them by phone, by e-mail, or on their website. Stay in touch with their support team as you expand your business on their platform.

Airbnb support help center


Engage with professional groups.

Looking outward from Airbnb can be healthy as well. There are professional and mastermind groups designed to keep you accountable and push you toward your full potential. Some of these groups meet locally, and some of them meet online. Find the group that is right for you and then stick with them. Updating them on the progress you are making on Airbnb.

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