How Self Check-In Will Give You Freedom, More Bookings And Less Cancelations

How Self Check-In Will Give You Freedom

When most people start hosting on Airbnb, they welcome their guests themselves and hand over the keys in person. If you’ve done this, you’ve probably already found that meeting guests in person every time is difficult – and that’s where self check-in comes in. No matter how experienced you are, self check-in is a great way to make the most out of Airbnb, make extra money and take back your time. On our blog this week, we asked KeyNest, a key exchange service with thousands of self check-in locations worldwide, to give us four reasons why you should be offering self check-in to your guests.


–  No more Estimated Arrival Time – Give your guests flexibility

Going on holiday is stressful. Your guests have probably had to deal with the stress of an airport, running late, and landing in a new country where they don’t speak the language fluently. The last thing they want is a stressful check-in and to rush to your apartment to meet you before the last check-in time. If your apartment is on the other side of the city to the airport, they might want to stop off at a restaurant on the way. Or if they’re arriving early, they’ll probably want to do a bit of exploring on their way to checking in. By offering your guests self check-in, they can check in on their own time and cut out some of the stress of their holiday.


– Dont cancel your plans and give yourself spare time

Whether you’re a Airbnb property manager or Airbnb Co-host, running your own Airbnb business, or just renting out a spare room, Airbnb takes up a lot of your time. The whole idea for KeyNest came about because our co-founders were constantly changing or cancelling plans to meet their Airbnb guests, all while trying to fit hosting around a full-time job. This is probably a familiar story to anyone who has ever hosted. 

If you’re hosting part-time, you’ll find that offering self check-in still gives you the chance to meet new people and make a bit of extra cash, but without taking up so much of your time. As a property manager or co-host, you’ll find that the time saved by offering self check-in will allow you to take on more jobs and grow your business faster.


How self check-in will give you freedomn will give you freedom


– Airbnb for Work requires to have self check-in

Airbnb for Work is a collection of homes recognised by Airbnb as being suitable for business travellers. These listings have their own filter on the search results page, so being included gives you a better chance of getting bookings. Business-ready listings can also charge a higher nightly rate. This combination of more bookings and higher rates is why being included in Airbnb for Work is seen as increasingly important by property managers and co-hosts. But inclusion in Airbnb for Work has some entry criteria – including self check-in, because business travellers need flexibility to come and go in and out of the property without the need for the host.


– Last minute cancelations vs Self check-in

Airbnb doesn’t take it well when you cancel bookings – you need to have a 1% or lower cancellation rate to become a superhost, which means that the vast majority of hosts won’t be able to become superhosts even if they have to cancel just once in a year. If you cancel a guest’s reservation, then you’ll have an automatic review on your listing’s profile indicating that you cancelled – and this can’t be removed. Without self check-in, a last minute emergency will mean cancelling this booking, getting this negative feedback and losing out on some cash. Offering self check-in means you can always honour your reservations, and even host when you’re in a different city or country. 


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