How and Why Ignoring Our Airbnb Co-Hosting Service Could Cost You Time

Co-hosts are extremely important, especially if you’re a busy Airbnb host who needs time out from all the hassles of doing the work yourself. For this reason, many Airbnb hosts use the Airbnb co-hosting service to make their job easier.

If you have extra space, but no time to host, a co-host can help you manage your space so you can earn extra money. This enables you to focus on your personal business while your co-host handles all the check-ins and guest communication.

Who is a Co-Host?

A co-host is someone who sees to your guests and Airbnb property management, in exchange for a wage.  With the help of an Airbnb co-host, you won’t have to handle the pressure of your hosting responsibilities all alone.

However, if you have,  for some reason,  not subscribed to the services of an Airbnb co-host,  you are missing out on a lot of advantages.  Using an Airbnb co-host will save your time, energy and help you maximise productivity.

There are several reasons why some Airbnb hosts do not use the Airbnb co-hosting service, but that has proven to be a major wrong decision.  As an Airbnb host, here’s all the stress you’ll have to go through without the aid of an Airbnb co-host.

Making Your Space Guest-Ready

Before guests can check-in into your place, you need to ensure that it is ready.  You may have to tweak your interior decor, set up a lock box, create a house manual, make necessary repairs and purchase some essentials to make your space convenient for your guests. This process alone can be expensive, exhausting and time-consuming without the help of an Airbnb co-host.

Handling Guest-Related Issues

Sometimes, your guests may have complaints or experience difficulties that need an urgent response, such as a faulty socket or internet problems. As the host, you will have to attend to these issues and make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Listing & Updating

Creating an Airbnb listing for your space can be a tedious task. You need to come up with listing descriptions, a catchy listing name, take and upload nice photos and decide the price of your space.

Also, you have to ensure that your listing is up-to-date by updating your calendar and pricing. The listing helps guests know when your space is or is not available for booking.

Messaging With Guests

Co-hosts usually help message guests on the host’s behalf. But if you do not use Airbnb co-hosting services, you will have to coordinate guests’ arrival and departure, answer their questions and communicate with them using your own Airbnb account.

Handling Maintenance & Cleaning

If there’s something that needs fixing in your space, you will have to take care of it. You will have to pay out for repairs and maintenance services. Also, you may personally decide to clean your space yourself or employ the services of a professional cleaning agency or both.  The point is, without an Airbnb Co-host, the finances and pressure of keeping your place attractive rests on you.

Interacting With Airbnb Customer Service

There is a good chance that you may experience issues with your guests, or your guest may need help with sorting unexpected challenges during their stay.  You will need to stay in contact with Airbnb and report or resolve guest-related issues if the need arises.

Welcoming Guests in Person

Without the help of a co-host, you must make out time or have a flexible schedule which allows you to meet and greet guests in person. You may also be required to give guests a tour of your space and answer questions they may have about the space and the neighbourhood. However, if you are a host that has a day job, it can be hard taking off at work hours to welcome guests at your house.

Restocking Essentials

During their stay, guests will need access to necessities such as toilet paper, towels and soap.  As the host, you have to purchase these essentials to ensure that your guests are comfortable. Also, you will have to handle the expenses of buying these essential items.

Reviewing Guests

Without the help of a co-host, you will have to review your guests and give feedback personally. In turn, guests can also review your listing and provide feedback about your service. Using the Airbnb co-hosting service will save you the headache of reviewing guests yourself, especially if you are not computer savvy.

Hosts Need Co-Host Market

As a host, ignoring the Airbnb co-hosting service is a disservice to yourself. With the help of Co-Host Market, you won’t have to do all of the work or handle all the expenses yourself, saving you costs, time, and helping you make more money.

Being a busy host, you may not have the time or skill to run your Airbnb business effectively, but with the help of Co-Host Market, all you have to worry about is cashing in the sales. Co-Host Market will help you bridge the gap by providing efficient co-hosts that’ll make running you Airbnb business smooth and easy.

So, if you are looking to maximise sales and minimise costs and time spent running your Airbnb business, all you need to do is subscribe to the Airbnb co-hosting service at

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