Here's How to Stop Struggling with Your STR Management

Over 30% of Americans with vacation homes plan to list them as short-term rentals, according to the National Association of Realtors.

If you looking to get support for your rental property. How to Stop Struggling there a lot of options for managers and Airbnb property managers. Your cohost could perform any number of responsibilities to make your process easier and the customer’s stay better. A cohost could local and work in-person or help remotely.


Listing Creation and Optimization

Getting your listing noticed one of the first steps towards getting renters interested in your property. Airbnb property manager can hired to strictly audit and adjust your listing so it more likely to land in searches and read clearly. The right manager will know what keywords should be included in the listing, how to word the amenities of your location, how to include the various important aspects of your home, and How to Stop Struggling that renters will find valuable.

The average visitor will spend less than a minute viewing your listing and checking out your photos (Vroomres and BuildUp Bookings). This means you have to make an impact quickly, ensuring the visitors get hooked by what they see. How to Stop Struggling some studies have found a 20% increase in bookings for listings with more than 20 high-quality photos.

Stop Struggling with Your STR Management

Local Rental Management

There likely many Airbnb Co-hosts and property managers in your area. That skilled at managing rental properties. Whether you looking at short-term rental or long-term rental. An Airbnb property can make the experience easier for you. A local property manager can help with simple tasks. Also like restocking supplies and washing linens. They can meet the guest in-person when they arrive to make sure. They settled and happy with the accommodations. With a local co-host, they can check in on guest concerns and manage service visits. A local host can ensure that concerns are taken care of before another guest arrives. This can a very important service for someone. Who wants to rent out their property to more than one guest during the time they went.


Remote Property Management

A manager can help with online booking and guest management. While you busy with your regular duties, business trip or vacation, the remote property manager can help make sure guest stays go smoothly. The Airbnb co-host can handle guest reservations, review the guests interested, and communicated with guests to answer their questions or address any concerns. Guests happier when they able to benefit from the quick response time of an online cohost.

The remote Airbnb co-host can also coordinate cleaning schedules, gardening services, property maintenance, and other services you may need to be arranged for the home while you are away. The remote manager can make sure the services don’t interrupt the guest’s stay and they can connect with service professionals to make sure the jobs are completed and any questions are answered.


Stop Struggling with Your online Management


Full Property Management

Different STR property managers will have different rates based on the amount of work they plan to do for your property while it listed. A full property manager is going to do many things both in-person and online. They might help you with the listing, property photography, guest greeting, guest management, communication, oversee service calls, and more. The full support package might be called “Expert,” “Full,” “Complete” and other terms that point to fuller coverage. There could any number of service combinations included in a full management package like this, so make sure you know what included and what isn’t.

At the end of the day, you should get what you pay for and you should know what you are paying for. You should clearly understand the available services offered by your cohost and at what price point. There shouldn’t any hidden fees or extra costs for the services covered. Find local Airbnb co-host or co-hosts that work remotely to help you manage your short-term rental property.