Get Yourself Out There! How to Market Your Co-Host Profile Effectively

Unless you are getting creative about your marketing and promotion strategy. The odds are good that your short-term management service is going to fall behind.
You have put some real thought into your co-hosting profile. And you know that you offer a high quality of service. While it is true that the cream rises to the top in any field, you still need to be willing to work to get yourself out there. You cannot expect people to notice you unless you are coming close to shouting. About your business – in a manner of speaking. Still, it is true that running yourself ragged trying to market. Also promote your business is not the smartest idea either.

You need to emphasize efficiency and intelligence.

Thee first thing you can do to increase your visibility naturally, though, is to optimize your Co-Host Market profile. This includes m In this article, we’re going to go over eight things that you can do to spread the word about your co-hosting profile.

  1. Optimize your listing

The surest way to improve visibility for your business on our platform is to optimize your listing. You can do this by adding your phone and e-mail, getting your ID verified, uploading a clear and recent profile picture, and working in an additional location so that other users can see where you are based. Also display as many as three packages in your listing, offering more services to homeowners: online property management, local property management, and full management – whatever you can offer at a high quality. You can also include a small description in your profile to introduce yourself to other users more personally.

  1. Cultivate your existing relationships.

How to Market Your Co-Host Profile There is no better lead – and this may come as a shock to many list builders – as the lead who has already converted. After you have put time and energy into forming a business relationship, you need to put more time and energy into maintaining the relationship. Your existing relationships are much more likely to turn into fruitful business arrangements than any new leads that you come upon, so you want to cultivate these relationships (and promote your co-hosting business within their contexts).

  1. Meet property owners in your area.

While Co-Host Market enables hosts to do their work remotely and from anywhere in the world, it is still worth seeing if there are any growth opportunities in your immediate neighborhood and city. See if you can meet some property owners who live close by, especially property owners whom you know to be interested in short-term rentals. There are potential win-win situations ant time you meet such property owners, so you don’t want to let these opportunities pass you by.

  1. Set up your social media presence

By creating a social media page on Facebook or Instagram, you can promote your profile effectively and intelligently. Everyone is on social media these days, and that includes the masses who are interested in property management services. There is perhaps no more efficient way for you to market yourself and connect with your audience than through social media. Setting your profile up is simple as well, and if you have ever set up a personal profile, you already know what you need to do.

  1. Put yourself out there on Facebook groups

Once you have yourself set up on Facebook and you have stretched your legs on social media a little bit, it is time to expand your network. One surefire way to do this is to promote your profile within the right Facebook groups. You will need to do a little research to figure out which groups are suitable, but once you nail that down, you cant increase your local reach significantly. There are many property management groups and Airbnb groups to choose from – get searching!

  1. Enlist some help from your friends

Your friends and family may prove to be your most important supporters. Introducing you to potential business contacts and improving engagement rates on your profile. This part is simple too: ask them to share your Co-Host Market profile on their page. Because your friends and family will be sharing your profile with people who trust them. The message with regards to what you have to offer will land with that much more oomph.

  1. Join vacation rental forums and blogs

Even outside social media, there a bustling community of property management professionals. And other people who interested in the business. And they are all in constant contact via vacation rental forums and blogs. Connecting with these people, you can grow your business. And even stumble into opportunities that you would have never thought to seek out. The sky is the limit when you push yourself!