How to Maintain High Quality Airbnb Services In 5 Easy Tips

by Cohostmarket

As of August 10, 2019, Airbnb has moved into 191 countries, a feat of unparalleled growth that relies on the entrepreneurial spirit of homeowners and travelers across the globe. Since its 2008 launch, the platform has inspired the average homeowner to learn the ins and outs of Airbnb property management. For someone with a flexible job, learning about short term rental management best practices is an ROI-enhancing no-brainer. However, for the average person who uses Airbnb for passive income, learning the trials and tribulations of property management is a bit more daunting. The good news is that the success of Airbnb has produced innovative marketplaces that introduce homeowners to co-hosts who know how to maintain high-quality Airbnb services with five easy to implement strategies.

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#1. Make it personal.

Staying in an Airbnb or choosing a hotel is about much more than a dollar sign. Travelers want to have a personalized experience that makes them feel like they have left their home and found another. These personal interactions are one of the easiest ways to maintain a high-quality Airbnb experience.

Fortunately for the busy homeowner how to Maintain High Quality Airbnb Services, a co-host can provide the personalization needed to make guests feel at home during their stay. From communicating with guests online as they book their stay, to greeting them upon arrival, to offering concierge-like services, a co-host is a key to achieving a personal touch.

#2. Keep guests informed.

Guests should have all of the information that they need to enjoy their stay. This information should include clear check-in instructions, house rules, and property insights. Don’t forget to tell the guests how to use the gas fireplace or turn on the surround sound; these little touches will ensure that the guests aren’t frustrated during the stay. You can take your services one step further by creating a local guide book with restaurant recommendations, attractions, activities, and must-see destinations.

Many guests want to experience what it is like to live like a local, by giving them the information that they need to enjoy all that your home and the surrounding area have to offer, you can unlock those five-star reviews and bolster your revenues.

#3. Go beyond basics.

It might sound a bit clichéd, but the truth is the best Airbnb hosts go the extra mile. Whether it is recognizing that your beach rental should have soft towels, beach blankets, umbrellas, and sunscreen, or providing high-quality wine glasses for your country villa, the smallest touches can make a world of difference. Travelers want to know that they have arrived at their home away from home, which means that they will be surprised and thrilled by luxurious touches. A free box of local chocolates? Freshly cut flowers? An unexpected delivery of scones for breakfast from your favorite bakery? No matter the gesture, if you want to achieve high-quality Airbnb services, then you need to go beyond basics.


#4. Anticipate guest needs.

The little things make all of the difference when it comes to anticipating the needs of your guests. For example, do you have enough towels to accommodate the maximum number of guests? Do you have pots, pans, and basic cooking utensils in the kitchen? Did you stock the bathrooms with enough toilet paper and toiletries? Are the furnishings comfortable and stylish? The latter types of questions will help you to ensure that your listing has everything that guests need to enjoy their stays to the fullest.

#5. Be responsive.

Once again, the importance of professional Airbnb property managers cannot be overstated when it comes to response times. By partnering with a professional co-host or Airbnb property manager, you can ensure that inquiries are responded to quickly. Future and current guests will also receive the timely responses that they need to create a positive travel experience. Remember, your co-host should also respond quickly in the event of an emergency or accidental lockout.

Maintain A High-Quality Listing with The Help of Airbnb Property Managers.

Are you ready to maintain a high-quality Airbnb listing? Do you want to maximize your rental revenues, while simultaneously giving guests the optimal travel experience? Whether you have one property or multiple short-term rentals, professional Airbnb property managers can help you to achieve Airbnb success.

In case you still have reservations (travel booking pun intended) about partnering with a co-host, just remember that delivering high-quality Airbnb services is a timely endeavor. Not only STR property management can help you to maximize profits, but they can help you save time throughout the day. Instead of being consumed by your Airbnb responsibilities, you can instead enjoy the benefits of passive income without the time commitment.

Let the property manager take care of everything, as you enjoy a win-win partnership that produces high-quality results throughout the year.


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