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Hi, I'm Natalie

Lives in Lane County
Looking For Airbnb Co-host
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I am a student and a single mother of a 5-months old, and recently had to move away from Springfield for my study internship.I have to rent out my home for ca. 2 years to cover homeowner's expenses (mortgage etc.). I remodeled my house myself, so I am really anxious to get my house back in the same top condition as it is now.  

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Airbnb Co-host and Turnover needed in Springfield, OR, USA

20% Per booking

Renting out my house while away for study internship and research project (ca. 2 years). Have to leave furniture here and might stay here with my baby daughter a couple of times per year, so doing Airbnb seems better than a long-term rental.  Looking for someone to do cleaning, mow the lawn,  and be on standby in case guests have a problem that I cannot resolve remotely (lost keys, etc.). In order to keep your time commitment low, I have a reliable washer, dryer, and dishwasher, a timer on the garden sprinkler system, a vacuum robot, and a key lock box for self-check-in. I have done Airbnb before and was a SuperHost, but I have never Airbnb'ed my whole house while being away, so I need a provider who really makes me comfortable and with whom I can be sure I a, getting the house back in top condition AND have satisfied guests. I will take care of bookings, listings, and guest communication for now. If it goes very well and it would pay off for me to have someone do it for me, we can discuss that for a higher commission.  Read More

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Expire On : 03-09-2022

Posted : 15 Day ago

Location :Lane County, United States

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