4 Things Airbnb Guests Want When Booking Their Stay at Your Rental Property

by Cohostmarket

The way people view Airbnb has changed massively over the course of COVID-19. What used to be an option for short getaways is now being seen as a viable option for longer travel. Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky revealed in an open letter published in January that he believes the biggest trend in the travel industry will be “meaningful travel”. This is when people stay longer in places and make travel more of a way of life than simply a leisure activity.

This means that lots of people now consider an Airbnb stay as an activity that doesn’t just open up opportunities for travel but also lets them spend time with their loved ones, and work remotely efficiently. Given these new purposes for rental properties, Airbnb owners need to be aware of just what to do to meet these needs.


Hospitality Net’s news update on supporting responsible travel reveals that 44 percent of people cite health and safety protocols, including cleanliness, as their top consideration when looking for a rental for their next trip. This makes homes and other exclusive rental properties top candidates. This is backed by the CDC who say that these types of rentals could offer a safer travel experience compared to hotels.

Granted, you’re already complying with Airbnb’s five-step enhanced cleaning process, but you can also take it up a notch by providing disinfectants and sanitizing stations for your guests to use. While there’s no way to ensure a coronavirus-free listing, you can employ extensive cleaning and sanitizing services—and make sure to include those in your listing.


In the time of a pandemic, privacy has become a serious health matter. Many guests have already taken precautions themselves, leading them to choose the privacy and isolation offered by rental properties as this eliminates the possibility of mixing with other guests. That said, they’d also appreciate it if you took that extra bit of effort to help them maintain optimum privacy.

Doubtless, your rental property offers such. But you can appeal to more guests by highlighting special features about your rental, such as a private entrance and exclusive amenities, like a pool or a rooftop area, that guests can enjoy for themselves without encountering other people. You should also offer self-check-in and reduce in-person contact.


Airbnb rentals have become more than just holiday spaces, they’ve become places to travel and work, and in some cases stay for long periods of time. Guests need Airbnbs to be versatile and have multiple functions, from an easy-to-use kitchen to a fully functional home office.

Luckily, this comes at a time where smart homes are becoming more popular. By 2024, approximately 78 million homes or 53 percent of all homes in North America will be smart homes. And this means that more people will be on the lookout for Airbnb locations with smart features. HomeServe Living outlines the benefits that come with smart homes including being able to control your lighting, heating, access, appliances, and security as some of the top reasons people invest in smart tech. A smart home lets guests multi-task in a very easy and convenient way, which will put your listing above the competition.


Since the property rental industry is highly competitive, time is of the essence in customer service. And guests will particularly appreciate it when their queries are answered in a timely and professional manner.

We’ve said it in our “How to Maintain High-Quality Airbnb Services in 5 Easy Tips” write-up, and we’ll say it once again, professional Airbnb property managers make all the difference when it comes to responding on time and effectively. Partnering with our roster of professional co-host Airbnb property managers guarantees that your guests’ queries and immediate needs are met quickly.

Moreover, by working with these professionals, you can free up time from attending to every guest’s requests and questions. You can then focus on and enjoy the benefits and profits from running a smooth Airbnb rental, all while satisfying guests’ expectations!

Article exclusively written for cohostmarket.com. Authored by Riva Julia

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